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Pro-200 Ink Backorder


I recentlly purchased a Pro-200 (upon recommendation of a Canon Pro Services rep) as a replacement for my non-functional Pro-100, which is no longer being manufactured. I'm very happy with the new printer to this point, but...


I've had replacement ink (CLI-65) backordered for the 2 1/2 months that I've owned the printer. What is Canon doing with this ink production? Why can't they provide any replacment ink? It seem irresponsible of Canon to sell printers for which they cannot provide replacement ink.


Does anyone have any idea when Canon will be providing this ink replacment?



Cartridgepeople seems to have the CLI-65 8-pack in stock at £123.70 inc VAT. Unclear whether they ship to USA.


Robert N.

Thanks for the tip, robnich. I'm not quite ready to order overseas and pay the associated premium.


I'm just dismayed that US providers including Canon itself have dried up, so to speak. And more than irritated that Canon is selling printers for which they cannot supply ink.


It is now 5 months since I purchased my Pro-200 after a Canon salesperson assured me this was the 'best' replacement for my non-functional Pro-100. And for 5 months Canon has had the CLI-65 ink cartridges on backorder. There appears to be no way to get replacement ink from a domestic supplier. What good is a printer when one can't get ink? This is not professional. This is approaching fraud.

I did a Google search on CLI-65 and immediately found that RobertsCamera has 8 color packs in stock for $105.99.


Robert N.

They're out of stock! Like Canon; like B&H; like all the usual sources. 

I don't understand -- just this minute I went to the website, chose Cli-65 8-pack, put it in the cart, filled out name and address entered card details and at no time was I informed that they were out-of-stock. Of course I didn't complete the order because I dont need that type of ink as I have a Pro-100. I did the same thing before my first post today as well.


Robert N.

If you want or need the ink badly enough to pay an extra $35, the CLI-65 8-pack is available through Amazon for $142 + tax from a secondary seller for delivery in two weeks. I put it in my cart and again there was no indication that it was out-of-stock (with the above limitations.)


Robert N.

I have no idea what was going on with my first attempt. It really did say it was on Backorder. But, following your experience, I returned and was able to place my order. Thanks for suggesting Roberts! I've now got them bookmarked.

Good. Glad you were able to order the ink. 


Robert N.

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