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SX40HS barrel housing moves

The barrel housing of my SX40HS can be moved foreward about an eighth of an inch when the lens is extended. By "barrel housing" I mean that portion of the camera body that the lens retracts into. This does not appear to affect the camera's operations...

mach59 by Apprentice
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Power Shot SX 540

I can't seem to when I look that at pictures have been taken with camera, pictures on the camera and enlarge them and save them on the camera enlarged. I can get to where I enlarge them but how do I save enlarged. I use to able to do it with my old N...

Powershot Sx740hs and webcam

Hey there everyone , my granpa just gave me its Canon camera , so i was tryinh to check around if could use it as a streaming tool .I tried everything, 3rd party softwares , usb cable , android emulator to use canon control device and then capturing ...

JohnWWT by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Connecting my G7X to my Mac via WiFi

Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to cameras, at least ones that now can do so much more such as connecting via WiFi to other devices. Thing is, I've been having this issue for the past 2 days, and I've come to notice on this community board that ma...

LadySeph by Apprentice
  • 64 replies

Fix for SX50HS Image Stabilizer?

I've had an SX50HS since buying it new in 2013 and have been pleased with it, especially for bird photos that I usually take at the maximum zoom of 1200mm (35mm equivalent). My photos (still, not video) are all hand-held, not tripod-mounted, made pos...

Mirror G9 X screen on MacBook?

I'm trying to record video with my camera and use my laptop as my screen monitor. Is there a way to do this with on a Macbook Pro? I tried connecting the camera to my laptop with a USB cord, but that makes the camera only turn on in playback mode, as...

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