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Favorite Point and Shoot Camera?

What is your favorite point and shoot camera? I am looking for a camera I can keep on me all day everyday. A camera that snaps good photos (jpeg & raw preferably) and shoots decent enough video at 24fps (1080 is fine). A good zoom would also be great...

kabir14 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

G7 X Mark III - Clean HDMI

The quality on the EOS webcam utility is terrible (Around 540p).  I bought this camera because canon has a whole page on their site dedicated to cameras with "Clean HDMI" where they name the G7 X Mark III. And while you can turn on clean HDMI, the "d...

G7x Mark III in focusing mode / does not react

Hi!Recently my camera stopped reacting sometimes. None of the buttons work except the trigger, but since it also won't focus during these moments, the images are blurry. In manual mode, I cannot change aparture or time (or ISO). The numbers are not e...

Ebelin by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PowerShot G7 X Overheats in Video mode

Hi All, for clarity-I know bugger all about cameras. I am a ju jitsu instructor trying to shoot vids for youtube. I bought this thing before lockdown and now find on trying to do what I needed to do in 2020 the **bleep** thing constantly turn off due...

TimP0wer by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

PowerShot SX70 HS Turn Off Back Button

I have a powershot sx70 hs. I pressed the star and square back buttons to practice them and when I was finished, I couldn’t turn them. My camera won’t auto focus again. I turned it off and on again. Searched for a solution and all the articles only a...

7C054B63-34CC-40DB-B8DA-14740A64880E.jpeg E38FB92C-DD0F-4C91-93DD-2EC457D4F5CF.jpeg

Resolved! PowerShot G7 X Display Turned Red

I have recently purchased a G7X .... somehow as I checked out its features, my display changed so that any letters turned red and were inside black boxes .... also red rectangles were common .... I have tried out changing settings to no avail .... Ca...

sunteam by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Powershot G7X Mark IV ?

I've been hearing rumors of a Powershot G7X Mark IV. I first heard of it over a year ago when it was said to be held up by supply chain issues. Then I heard it was going to be released fall of 2022. Then I heard it might never be released due to the ...

LJJasper by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon PowerShot A80 Memory Card Error

Hi guys! I just bought a camera off ebay and it turns on and all the buttons work. But the problem is when I take a picture it takes a while to load and after it has been captured the screen says "Memory Card Error". Then when I go to the photos it s...

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