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Is PowerShot SX530HS compatible with Windows 11?


The software download page offers no software for Windows 11.  I find it impossible to connect the PowerShot or an EOS S7 to a computer running Windows 11.  Can someone just give me a straight answer on this?   It used to work great with Windows 10.  Spent all day head-banging on this problem.  



Essentially, there is not software specific to the camera, such as a driver, for Windows 11 or any other o/s version.  There are apps available that work for many camera models, and those software products are listed here, under Apps:

Is there some function you wish to perform specifically with the computer? 

If it is to download photos to your computer, then the recommended, fastest and most reliable is still to shut off the camera, remove the card, insert it into a card reader (either built-in to the computer or via USB) - the SD card will be recognized as a removeable drive, so all you need to do is copy the images across to your hard disc, as you would any files via File Manager.  After confirming the copy has been completed, use the Eject feature in File Manager to release the card remove it, place it back in the camera and use the camera's own format command to wipe the card clean, ready for your next shoot.

It is also possible, but not necessary, to use the Canon Connect software app to do the same thing.  With the app, you can use your computer to set up copywrite info quickly and do remote shooting via an HDMI cable with the images displayed on screen. 

This is faster, no more hassle, and more reliable than trying to do it via wireless connectivity.

cheers, TREVOR

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Forgive me if I repeat Trevor's reply here. My wife has that camera which has done a yeoman's work for past vacations. I also have a T7 and laptop with W11. Does your computer have a card slot in the side? I have found the best way, for me, is to take the memory card, insert it into the card slot on the side of my laptop and follow the directions. Using WiFi or USB cable leaves too much to go wrong.

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Trevor!  I want to apologize for the snarky comments.  My instincts are to never let a problem alone until it's solved.  It can get bad.  I got up at 4am to continue the quest.  Let's summarize!  I have a PowerShot SX530 and an EOS Rebel T7 plus 2 computers with Windows 11 Pro (different AV software), an old Android Tablet and a brand new Android smartphone (which I am coming to loathe).  I resolved the wifi connections to the PC's are impossible, but both cameras can be "read" by Canon software via USB.  The PowerShot uses CameraWindow DC and the EOS uses EOS Utility 3.  EOS Utility 3 executable had to be dug out of the "Program" file directory.  For some reason, it isn't listed in the "apps".  

One problem remains.  I often (OK - during football season) upload from the EOS directly to my Android smart phone and from there to the internet.  No computers, no wifi.  It worked great with NFC.  Now, I found I have to use the EOS's onboard wifi to connect to the phone.  This is because the Android system on my new phone has been "upgraded".  (That word should only appear in quotes!)  Yes, it's connected, but it's a PitA to get it connected after shooting.  It involves typing an 8-digit LAN password on my phone, and it's a new one every time.  Not the sort of thing you want to do outdoors in bad weather.  I think that's the only problem left.  ... at least the only one I want to face!  

The most unusual result so far is that I can get the cameras to connect by wifi to the old tablet but only via my phone's wifi hotspot.  I checked the "home" wifi router, and nothing is blocked.  Strange... very strange.  


Somewhat off topic at this point, but I see some knowledgeable people are on the thread.  Just trying to get the T7 to connect to a new Android phone.  It WORKS!  ... about one attempt out of 10.  No rhyme or reason.  I use the easy way with the camera's wifi.  Same steps every time.  The 8 digit code is reused, so it would be suitable for use in the field.  ... if it were the least bit reliable.  BTW I got the T7 and the SX530 to connect to the Android tablet with older OS and Camera Connect software.  Total reliability.