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Resolved! Wirelessy upload images to PC

PowerShot 720 HSWhen I bought this camera, I had a Windows 10 PC and successfully wirelessly uploaded images from the camera to the PC. However, I now have a Windows 11 and am not able to connect from the camera to the PC nor using Add A Device to se...

SX540 HS cannot connect to laptop

Yesterday, the camera connected fine to my laptop so I could offload photographs. Today, when the camera is not connected to the laptop, it functions (i.e., takes photographs) just fine. But, when I connect it with the cord to my laptop, the camera's...

PowerShot SX740 HS - ERR 134

Attempting to connect to wifi but keep getting ERR 134 error to correct date and time however date and time are perfectly fine. Unsure what else to do. Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it? Just got this camera and would like to link i...

Resolved! Options to stamp the date/time in photos

Hello Canon community,I bought a few days ago a Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II camera. We choose this camera because for our work is easy to use and have a small size. The problem is in others cameras we can take photos with the Date/Time stamped, but ...

LatWind by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon G7x mark iii screen issues

Hello all,I’m having an issue with the screen of my G7x mark iii (well probably the lens but we’ll get to that). first off I’ve had this camera about 9 months and have not put it through heavy use. There have been no spills or contacts with water, no...

Wpowe by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Trying to remove Toy Camera Effects?

Hello and thank you to all who read this post.I own a Cannon G7X MII.  I shot some images and didn't realize that the Toy Camera effect was enabled till I downloaded the images and tried to view them on my laptop.  Dam!  I have noticed that as the im...

jjckflsh by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Did I make a BIG mistake....

I bought a Powershot SX420 IS and so far, I’m not too happy...  I’ve been reading the manual and when I got to the Software Installation page I now find out that the software is not compatible for MAC OS Monterey 12.3.1.  This bothers me, tremendousl...

How to transfer video to MacBook or iPhone

Hello, I have the canon Powershot SX530 HS. I have downloaded the app so I will be able to transfer the pictures to mine iPhone but every time I click on a video to download it will not let me. I also tried to watch the YouTube video on how to transf...

Kaya1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon G9x focusing

Hi!  Is there a setting I can use on my Canon G9x to have the whole photo in clear focus, instead of having parts of it blurred?  I don't mind background blur on some photos, but when I have multiple people in a photo and some of them are in focus ni...

jdw1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Blue Lines

Recently I purchased the Canon PowerShot SX420 IS.  I went to take some test shots and noticed some faint blue lines running vertically through the picture.  I need to take a “How to” course and finish reading the online manual but this problem can’t...

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