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Frustrated with PowerShot SX740 HS - Blurry Photos


This is the 3rd Canon digital camera I have owned. It seems like any photos inside are blurry. IAny help would be appreciated. This site won’t let me upload samples because they are too large.



in looking at the user guide, it looks like the camera shake warning is activating for every photo.


It is probably due to not having enough light in the scene.  And my guess is that the camera is using the maximum available aperture, probably an ISO either at its max or near its max and thus has no alternative but to shorten the shutter speed.   So any movement by you or what you're photographing will lead to more blur.

To upload example images, resize them first on your computer.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers


Okay.. I am Photographer since 1976 .. my childhood years.. I obtained a SX70HS March 2022.. yes the video of the same scene is much sharper than the picture..


With the SX430is I found that Spot metering, ISO100 and AV Gives the sharpest picture.. I am also hunting the forums for this magical combination for the SX70HS..


Don't have this problem on the SX50HS neither on the SX60HS of which I am an owner of.. I also own an SX530HS.. don't have this problem.


The problem is real and it frustrates the hell out of me.. the problem is not with the photographer or their lack of knowledge.. the problem is same with the SX430is and SX70HS.. but the same settings does not work for the SX70HS.


Now try and explain me stupid..


Start your own topic and add some example images. It is probably the slowness of the lens or ISO setting.

If I start doing side by side comparisons.. I will include the Results of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.. and will be on my YouTube Channel where I get paid for my efforts 


So why would you think that I wouldn't have thought about that.. You think that Video needs less light than Photography... Mmm makes sense.. that's why my mother.. whom recently acquired one also complain about image sharpness.. Canon PowerShot SX 70 HS vs SX70HS.. 


These super tele zoom cameras are challenged by their very nature.  In order to get the massive focal ranges, they have very small sensors, which perform less efficiently in lower light than larger sensors, simply because they accumulate much less light per photo cell (which is what captures a Pixel of light).
The other challenge connected with these is the focal range itself.  With a camera that does not have image stabilization, conventional wisdom says that one should take the inverse of the Equivalent focal length (in the case of the SX740HS that is from 24-960mm) so the minimum shutter speeds should  be from 1/24sec - 1/960sec and in lower light conditions that is extremely challenging to achieve, even with claimed 3.5 stops image stabilization.

This is further impacted on how stable the camera is held.  When a viewfinder is available, it is highly recommended to shoot while looking through the viewfinder to provide a significantly more stable platform, as per this image.
00 Holding a Camera.jpg
Obviously, this is not possible with the SX740HS as it has only a rear LCD, and that is where the challenge lies - both in terms of stabilization and low-light performance - to improve shutter speed one needs to increase ISO but that will introduce noise, and vice versa.   For stills, the answer would be to use a monopod or tripod, while for run and gun video, a stabilized gimbal would likely be the way to go.   The only other thing I can suggest is increase the light on the subject - either by seeking it elsewhere if that is practical, or using a LCD light screen.

cheers, TREVOR

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