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LBP122dw - Won't Print

Set up went  print fine printed several pages month later printer would not print ran trouble shooters every thing I try to print is in the que and it says error

hb1 by Apprentice
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imageclass mf733cdw laser - is there a hard drive?

Hi all, sadly blew up my printer on return to the UK as forgot to flip the voltage switch. I can’t see anything about a hard drive on the spec sheet - can someone confirm it doesn’t have one before I dispose of it? Thanks 

Trshes by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Maxify MB2720 Ink Cartridge Repalcement

The screen on my printer has question marks over the two apparent empty cartridges.  However, when I open the front door, the carriage does not move the referenced cartridges to the replacement position.  The carriage stays to the far right.  Any sug...

imageCLASS MF644Cdw Paper drawer selection

I have an Image Lass Color Laser printer setting the paper selection drawer etc. no matter what I try it keeps defaulting to #1 which is the manual feed and not the multi feed drawer (#2)..Thus, wont print. It will print if I use the manual...

imageCLASS D1620 Can't Scan to Gmail

I have the same issue. I had the same settings before (with, using the app password, and 587 port #) with Canon D1620 and started nothing working few days ago. Got error #802, every time doing scan-and-send. I even wiped out all the se...

imageCLASS LBP251dw only one light

I have a imageCLASS LBP251dw that has suddenly stopped working. It will power on, and the main power light is lite green, but that's all it will do.  Nothing else lights up, the control panel never appears, and the printer doesn't print.  I've tried ...

ladfm by Apprentice
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imageCLASS MF455dw "Return" Icon on Touchscreen Untouchable

So, after clicking into some menu's the screen will show a small 'return' icon arrow in way upper left corner. Is that small return icon supposed to be clickable, because I cannot click it. I have to return back by clicking home icon outside the touc...

Vapor5 by Contributor
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imageCLASS MF8380Cdw Error scanning to Linux Samba server

I setup a samba server on linux and want to scan from my MFC8380 to a share on that server. I am getting error #801. I want to confirm the format of how to input the share information on the printers address book. I have the following:Type : SMBName:...

sdcanon by Apprentice
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Resolved! MAXIFY MB2020 scanner not recognized by macOS Sonoma

After installing Mac OS Sonoma, my Canon MB2000 series scanner is not recognized. I have installed all the September 2023 drivers, and turned the printer/scanner off and on, and restarted my laptop. Still not recognized. I would appreciate any sugges...

dvaughen by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Why does my Canon MB2320 printer always show "offline"

My Canon MB2320 continually shows "offline" and when I use the troubleshooter, it says the printer is turned off.  The lights are on, it's plugged in, it's not turned off.  WTF?  I have had more problems with this printer.  It's worthless.  I can't r...

MF753 remote ui learning.

After a few false starts in getting remote ui up and running, I've been exploring the myriad of option available. One in particular allows you to turn off the printer at a certain time of day which is great.  However, why not have the same option to ...

imageCLASS MF632Cdw Printing Very Light

I have an ImageClass printer model MF632Cdw.  I’m using Windows 11.  I’ve had this printer for several years with no problem, but right now it is printing very light.  I have installed new toner cartridges. I cannot find instructions on how to darken...

imageCLASS MF236n - ADF works for copy but not scan

Hello,Canon image CLASS MF236n Laser PrinterIssue:Copy uses ADF and copies perfectlyScanning via utility will make the noise to scan, (not utilizing ADF)If i select "use feeder" option in settings it says insert paper...but the machine BEEPS when it ...

AGCIKE by Apprentice
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