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600 dpi error

We have an ImageRunner Advance C7565i.  A faculty member was trying to utilize the Scan and Send function to scan a textbook page at 600dpi. Our printer defaults to PDFs for this, so she changed the settings to JPEG.  She keeps getting the following ...

VetCanon by Apprentice
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Imageclass mf236n starting problems

The documentation for the Imageclass mf236n printer/scanner/copier is vague.  There's a diagram of the ink cartridge showing an orange tab on the side (like a flip top on a soda can) that has to be pulled out and it has some kind of plastic strip att...

Change "scan to Mail favorites"

Hi Everyone On my Canon iR-ADV C5540 im not able to change the "Scan to Mail Favorites" over the Remte UI. I would like to add a new favorite. searched for hours in the internet. no success.  any ideas how to do it?

jaenu22 by Apprentice
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Printing Non Text Documents - Unreadable text

I have just bought an IMAGE CLASS MF267DF. If I print a word text document the quality is acceptable. However printing anything else for example a web page where the text is not black, results in an unreadable faint  mess. Can I set this printer to j...

marcusob by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Maxify MB5320 Auto-Selecting the Wrong Cassette

After two years of use, I printed my first picture. The glossy paper was in cassette #1.After printing the photo was completed, I registered plain paper back to cassette #1. (Plain paper is in both cassettes.)Now, when I print something and let it au...

flipnewf by Contributor
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Resolved! Scanner not working to my computer

I have a Dell inspiron with windows 10. Seems like the scanner used to work but it is refusing to now. I've been to the site and downloaded software for the mf632cdw. I can print from my computer to the printer. And the printer/scanner sees my comput...

Resolved! LBP622Cdw driver installation can't find printer

I successfully connected the printer to the wireless network.  My phone can find it to airprint.  But the process of installing the driver on my Windows 10 computer isn't happening.  I've updated firmware.  I've restarted computer and printer.  Pleas...

stacig by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

MF216n <Wireless LAN Settings> missing

Have a MF216n which I moved and it sat for about a month and a half. Brought it back in the room and turned it on and no wireless connection! Tried to reset the printer. When I go to Menu/Network Settings/ there is no "Wireless LAN Settings" option!!...

jimjrfl by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Resolved! D1320 big sur please

I have canon d1320. How can i get it to print on Big Sur Mac OS 11? There are no drivers available for big sur. Is there another equivalent canon driver that I can use? maybe drivers from another canon product that has big sur support? it's a great p...

Canon MF743Cdw printer in error state

This is the second time this has happened to me.  The first time I turned off the printer, unplugged 5 minutes, turned back on.  This did not fix the problem.  I called to have driver reinstalled.  That worked for a week but now my printer is again i...

hmsictxn by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PRO-4100S Color Banding Cyan

My 4100S seems to have a banding issue with cyan. This printer is new and only 3 weeks old. In this first picture you can see the left side is printing correctly but as the print advances banding begins to appear and the color is faded. My guess is a...

1604814002046.jpg 1604814054033.jpg 1604814062585.jpg 1604814070408.jpg

Resolved! MF8280CW won't print - constant "waiting to print"

MF8280CW imageclass purchased used in May 2020. brought it home, installed, updated drivers etc.  Worked fine for the first 3-4 mos now when I want to print, VIA ETHERNET, file is sent from computer to printer, I get the "waiting to print" and it wil...

imageCLASS MF236n how can I change language

My printer has been working fine for a year, but recently the language has switched from English to Chinese when specifying preferences for printing a the current document.   The language on the machine's screen is still English.How can I fix that ?

zayde by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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