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Streaking toner -

I recently acquired a Canon MF644Cdw color laser AIO.I've managed to get it printing wirelessly and scanning to email without much trouble.But the print quality is horrible.  Prints and copies are created.  But there is always streaking of toner - bl...

primer by Apprentice
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Color Laser Printer

I have an Image Class LBP622CDW. It was working fine. I had a computer crash and bought a new computer, Windows 10. I downloaded the latest software and driver and it seems very limited on what I can change. I uninstalled that and used the driver and...

mf733cdw Firmware Update Started, LCD Screen Now Blank

Hello,I need a little help, please. My LCD screen is blank. I just moved my mf733cdw priner to a new location. Connected it to my network using an Ehternet cable. Same cable that I used for the previous printer in that location. Ran the maintenace ro...

mwynne by Apprentice
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Resolved! mf8580cdw canon issue

this is the third time this has happened .only the copy button is lit and if you push other buttons (scan,fax,direct print) it will not light up or do the's hooked up thru the network . When hooking it up by usb is the same thing .  .

felician by Apprentice
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Canon MB 2720 Maxify Printer

When I open the front cover to change an empty ink cartridge the carriage that holds the ink cartridges does not move into position the allow changing.  The Cyan cartridge is empty and instead of an X above it there is a ?.  Does anyone know what I c...

Ink Cartridge Level

Hello,I am quite frustrated, I have a Maxify MB2720 Printer,Scanner,Fax. I don't like that an ink cartridge can only be changed when a warning comes up that it's out of ink. I want to print some pictures and some nice documents and just because the i...

Canon Upgrade Program

I have purchased a PIXMA MP495 printer/scanner years ago and I have tried to use the scanner but it wouldn't work on my updated Mac OS Monterey as there's no new driver update on this. I have read that there's a canon upgrade program but how can i av...

Canon MB2040 Error 7100

Hi I have an error on my printer and can not get it cleared. Please help.Support code 7100.Printer error has occurred follow the steps below1. Cancel printing, then turn the device off.2. Turn the device on again.If problem persists see the manual an...

Laurika by Apprentice
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Verticle line down the center of page

Hi, I have a Conon Image writer MF641cw. For some reason, it has started printing a line verticle line down the center of the page when I print a document from my computer. If I make a copy it will still print that line down the center. I removed the...

Mf644cdw has stopped scan to email

My MF644CDW has stopped scanning to email. As the documents are scanning it will print out a notification saying error and that’s it. I have reset everything on the printer and from my desk top and it still will not work. Any help would be appreciate...

Problem with Garodcfilter Error : 3000 iPF6400

I made a print yesterday on my Canon iPF6400 which was a little light and flat, so I corrected the settings in Photoshop 6. When I hit print, it did not send any data to the printer. I checked the printer icon and saw that the print was stopped; I wa...

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.15.26 AM.png Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.16.07 AM.png
mclmk8d by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Color ImageClass MF644cdw emitting loud noise

Our office printer is just about 4 months old and started emitting loud noise when printing, noise is intermittent but is becoming a constant noise the more we use it. We had to replace printer as it was disturbing staff during phone calls. I've been...

SDAderm by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

color imageclass MF644CDW Top Feeder

Does anyone have an issue with MF644CDW Top feeder. I bought printer in July 2021 and have had problems placing paper in top feeder to make copies. I lay 1 piece of paper in top feeder to make copy and paper will shift to right and jam up. I can some...

tperry by Apprentice
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Canon MF743cdw

We recently installed our Imageclass and it will print automatically for some users and not others, how do I remedy this as the users who it is not working for have reinstalled the drivers a couple of times and it still is not working for them. Liz

Railway by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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