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Glossy photo paper damaged my imageCLASS MF726Cdw printer


I have a MF726cdw laser printer and I made the mistake of using glossy photo paper which seems to have severely degraded the print quality. If I replace the print cartridges, will the print quality be restored or is the printer ruined? I tried running maintenance utilities only to receive a message that "correction failed".


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If the onboard maintenance utilities are not able to be run, I'm wondering if a factory default would allow for that to happen. If that doesn't work, the unit may need to be serviced. Given its age, replacing it might be worth it. In my situation, I upgraded a 726 with a 743.

How do I do a factory default reset?

Never mind, I just found it, but it didn't help.


Aside from poor color and clarity in the print, I get a lot of streaking, especially from the Cyan cartridge.  


Do you mean you used a glossy INKJET paper, or a glossy LASER paper? Totally different animals. What did the paper look like when it came out of the printer? An inkjet paper is not intended to withstand the heat a laser printer uses to fuse the toner. The coating would break down badly, I presume, and particles would be stuck all over the fuser roller. Search for how to get to the fuser roller so you can look at it and maybe clean it.



Supported paper types are: Plain, Heavy, Recycled, Color, Coated, Transparency, Label, Envelope, Index

As mentioned previously, you can only use glossy/photo paper intended for laser.

Hopefully there is no permanent damage.  

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At the time, I did not know the difference between photo papers and I used what I had which I think was just meant for inkjet. But the gloss did not appear damaged in any way, I used it to print about 50 holiday greeting cards that I made using a photo I took They all looked nice. But shortly after, the print quality got bad, lots of streaking, and the maintenance features like Auto Adjust Degradation just fail when I try to use them. Maybe the toner cartridges are bad? I hate to spend money on new ones if it won't help. The ones in there have plenty of toner left in them.

Also confusing is that the black and white printing of documents is just fine, as clear and crisp as ever.  And the scan function is also fine.OriginalOriginalThese photos shwo th problem, one is from file, one is printed then scanned whichshows prettclearly how the prints lookscanned print-outscanned print-out


I'd say that after printing 50 cards, the inkjet paper contaminated something badly that affected toner depositing or transfer. Can't say whether the toner cartridges themselves would have been affected.

I have some HP glossy laser paper. It is nowhere near the gloss of a glossy inkjet paper. I don't believe there is glossy laser cardstock.

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