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How do you change the battery in a MF4770n?


Battery in MF4770n not holding charge for very long. I don't leave it powered on as I don't use it often. Is it possible to change the battery myself without having to take it in to a service center?



How do you charge the battery in a MF4770n - didnt know there was one ??


you can't - I was recently told by a canon telephine rep that there is no battery, apparently there is a capacitator on the main board that controls the date/time functions - once it goes you have to replace the whole board - I'm located in Canada and was quoted Can$225.00 for the replacement board which would then still have to have it installed.


you can well imagine my reaction and opinion of this Canon product!!!!


what I did to resolve the issue was to do the the 24 hour full charge and then every 2-3 days later I turn the printer on for an hour or so in "energy saver" mode - this seems to charge the battery - sorry the capacitator - enough to keep the clock happy





Are you kidding me, Canon? Do I really need to change the board of my printer in order to make these time issues go away? It is so ridiculous! I mean we are talking about a network attached printer, how hard is it to ping a time server each time when the printer is turned on and has network access?! That was my last Canon printer, I keep swearing about that piece of crap since the beginning. Do your homework guys!

Same for Imageclass MF4880 dw


Clock will not hold charge error code E 225 - 0001


I opened the unit up since I was told that there is a replaceable battery on the left side what holds the power for the clock if turned off.


Any time I turn the unit on the error code shows up - printing not possible.



Hi Puu.


The E225 error may indicate another internal hardware issue with the printer. Please turn the printer off and unplug it from the wall. Leave the printer unplugged for an hour. Once the time passes, please plug the printer back into the wall, and turn the printer on. After the printer is on, please make a copy from the glass.


If the error persists, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).

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Hello Patrice,


I bought a new imageclass MF4880 printer and after 6 month the unit stopped working.


I got a replacement from Canon,  but sadly it was not NEW!

I was a used refurbished printer, the unit I now have the problem with.


The error persits and I already called the number you provided 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666)


They told me that the printer is now off warrenty. In order to have it repaired I need to send it in but pay for shipping and repair.


I have a small business and  the shipping and repair cost (about $ 320.00) extend todays value.


So no help calling  1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666)





I see a lot of people asking how to change the battery in the MF4770n...but I don't see where tha answer is. I keep getting a message telling me to charge the battery, that I must leave the printer for the 24 hrs but that didn't help. The problem is rather intermittent. 


Please tell me where the battery is located?




Hello dycon.


As stated above by another poster, the MF4770n does not feature a battery.  Rather, there is a capacitor that keeps the clock charged and running when the printer is deprived of power.  This capacitor is not intended for extended use, and will drain relatively quickly.  For general use, the MF4770n should remain plugged in and powered on, allowed to enter power-saver mode during extended periods without use.  The printer should be okay to power off over a standard weekend without incident.


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Apparently there is a capacitor on the motherboard that holds the charge for the Date & Time setting, however I do not know where this capacitor is and how to get at it to replace it.  Also I have heard that even if you are successful at accomplishing this, the capacitor will not last for very long anyways.  What I am going to try is to leave the Printer plugged in and allow it to go into power save mode and hopefully that will solve the problem without tearing into the printer and risking any damage to a functioning printer.