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MB2720 Not Printing Whole Bands

My MB2720 recently stopped printing portions of pages; skipping several lines at a time.  I have performed deep cleaning several times, but no joy. Note from the scan of the test pattern below that a portion of the black printing patter is missing bo...

Pattern.png FailedDoc.png
GFasolt by New Contributor
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MF4350d always prints 2-sided

This problem persists for over a year. I just updated the driver to 10.19.1 on my mac OS 11.The presets say: Finishing: 2-sided printing, and I don't see a way to change it.   

adamny3 by Occasional Contributor
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Color imageCLASS LBP622Cdw - Toner Status

I was having a problem with the printer and decided to remove and re-install the printer on Windows 10 PRO. I had to rename the printer and when I click on Toner Status on my PC, only the old printer name shows up with a message stating could not cor...

Writer232 by New Contributor
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Printing Grayscale Image has horizontal lines

Hi,  I'd like some advice on how to print grayscale images on the canon mf267dw laser printer.  If I print a color image straight to the printer, it appears not too bad. But when I print from ANY other program, for example Gimp and grayscale the imag...

marcusob by New Contributor
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Image Class D530 faded copies

Our Imagine Class D530 has always copied very faded. We have to adjust the denisity to the darkest to even get a legible copy. We have cleaned the printer, changed the toner multiple times and changed the type of paper we use. We only use the Canon b...

MF644CDW unprinted blotches on page

Hi there my MF644cdw is not printing completely down the center of page. It does not matter if it is color picture or black and white document or an envelope. Any assistance would be appreciated to resolve. This is a new printer with minimal use so f...

tjbere by New Contributor
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Removing Ink Cartridges from Unpowered Printer

Is there a way to remove ink cartridges from a printer that isn't powered on? I have a broken MB5020 that I'm about to take to the dump and it still has ink cartridges in it. I can't figure out how to move the cartridges so I can take them out.

rljablon by New Contributor
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imageclass MF249dw - can't print from multipurpose tray

Hi all, I have an imageclass MF249dw. I am trying to print from the multipurpose tray (assuming that's the name of the top tray) using custom-sized paper of 4.5 x 6.38". I've changed my printer settings and the laptop printing settings to be the same...

Print Cartridge Subscription

When setting up my printer (MF642C) I must have inadvertently subscribed to some kind of cartridge replacement service. I was just notified that a replacement cartridge had been ordered and my credit card was charged. I tried to use the online CHAT t...

drawer priints fine; manual feed reduces and moves image

MF743Cdw on a MacBook I've tried printing from both Word 365 and Acrobat. My cousin is able to print my files with no problem, to either 8.5 x 11 or (as specified in the files) 8 x 5.5. I can print fine to letter size from the drawer. When I print to...

faxphone L100

Can this item print? I thought it was a printer. I see it mentions a USB cord, but it did not come in the box. Can I get this L100 to print? Please advise.

tgillie by New Contributor
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