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Print-Head for a Canon Smartbase MPC600F?

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a print-head for a Canon Smartbase MPC600F? I just love this old, but expensive machine. It is in `as new` condition and works so well. I just cannot source  a new print-head even via my clients in Tokyo. Ther...

Shooting with an overlayed guide/reference image?

Hi there. I've done several google searches to absolutely no avail on this topic. I'm looking for a way to accomplish something akin to (in my imagination) inputing an image into the camera to act as the digital grid display would, as a transparent o...

LIDE 220 scanner saving image question

Just  got a Lide 220 scanner after years of using other lide scanners, the problem im having is after scanning a  photo how do i save it to a location, it goes to my documents and i cant seem to change that, also after the image is scanned how do i n...

crxnug by Apprentice
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Tripod ?

Hello everyone, I am in the market for a good tripod, I have a few that as you know have pros and cons, I used to prefer lightweight for a long carry in, however that sacrifices stability, I am a land surveyor and have access to serious tripods that ...

Please Help with Scanner problem!

I have a Canon DRM140 scanner and it works on all of my computers except for one of them. When I plug it into this computer it comes up in device manager as "unknown device". I tried many things such as uninstalling it, uninstalling other drivers, in...

Acc052 by Apprentice
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CanoScan LiDE 220 not scanning

Hello I recently purchased one of these and I already did the set-up and installations on the Cd Rom. However I have it plugged in and pressed autoscan yet it won't scan a thing. And I cant find anything I installed except the manuals and the garden ...

Powershot or Pocket Canon of High End Quality

I am retiring as a professional photographer although remaining active in videoraphy for now.  I have sold my Canon 5DM3 and all my L lenses and getting ready to sell my 6D and 4 more lenses along with two 600 speedlites and will want to have a nice,...

mail settings

which mail settings(ports and etc.) I have to apply to be able fo sending scan to email? (I have gmail account)

qoca by Apprentice
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Why No CanonFilm or Medium Format Cameras?

I've wondered why Canon got completely out of the film business, and has never looked back.  I have also wondered why is it that Canon doesn't offer a medium format DSLR camera.   I can guess about the film question, not enought being sold to support...

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