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Canon Loyalty/ Replacement exchange program?


i have an older Powershot A80 camera that has a bad CCD.  There was a recall for these but it expired a few years ago.   What options do i have to replace this camera with something similar?  I was told about an Upgrade program where i can buy a new camera at discounted price.   Is there a website i can go to to view the camera upgrade options and prices?  Thanks, Mike in CT



Hi Brauem01,

We don't have a website for our Canon Upgrade Program. We recommend contacting our Sales Team directly to discuss this loyality program in more detail. You can reach them at: 1-800-385-2155  They'll be able to advise you about which cameras are available and give you pricing information.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

This is so annoying to find this out since my MX892 is showing the same message and after all the fixes Canon sent via email it still will not function. No one has done anything to the print head and my machine is very lightly used. So they think I'll buy a new machine? Yes, before I spend $$$$ on repair. Only it won't be a Canon. Any suggestions?
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