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Canoscan 9000F problem

My Canoscan 9000F was used briefly about nine months ago and now shows error 2,155,33. I use a Macbook, Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  The scanner shows as being connected to the USB on the Macbook but the scanner says not connected. I have uninstalled/reinst...

Rosies by New Contributor
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National Geographic Photography Seminars

Has anyone here been to a National Geographic Photography Seminar? My wife got an ad for one in a city not too far away, and is interested in having us attend. I'm game to do it, but I'd like to be convinced that it's worth the time and money. It isn...

Versatile lighting for outdoor and in studio?

I have been shooting for 5 years natural light... And am wanting to invest in some lighting for my home studio and to use at wedding receptions... What would be the best to invest in that I could use for both?Canon 50d, canon 5d mk II, canon 70-200 f...

Canoscan 9950F

Hi there,I wondered if anyone could give me the benefit of their experience. I have bought a used 9950f scanner which worked the first time I used it (with a 32 bit Vista laptop and canoscan Toolbox 4.932 and Scangear 10.324a). To my dismay, a few mi...

T2i upgrade

What Canon camera is suggested as an upgrade to my well used T2i?  I shoot birds, moving and still.  No need for video.  Want faster "rapid fire" option.  Looking for crispier photos.  I use "crop" very much.  Am pleased with my 100X400 lense.

BigOly by New Contributor
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Resolved! LP-E6n with LP-E6

I understand that the LP-E6n is compatible with the 5D3 and 5D2, but can anyone tell me if the newer battery can be used together with the older LP-E6 in a BG-E11 grip. Thanks

Vincent-B by New Contributor
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New equipment priority

I am needing to shoot some indoor sporting events (swimming) over the next few months and am looking for some opinions on purchasing new equipment. I currently have a 1D Mark II body and the main lens I would shoot the swim meets with would be a L se...

bmcknc by Occasional Contributor
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Night focusing

I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers on night landscape photography.  What settings are best and how do I focus at night?  Do you just set the focus for infinity and hope for best?