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Monthly charge for Canon support

Greetings! I will try to make this brief, but I'm wondering if anyone has bought & paid for a Canon printer [any model] recently and encountered a situation where you had to provide your bank card info to complete setting up the installation & softwa...

Canon 10 X 30 IS Binoculars - sticky Rubber Coating

I have a 10 X 30 IS binocular [serial number deleted for privacy].  The rubberized coating is disintegrating and has become very sticky.  I see others have had this problem with other high end models.  How do I improve the condition or get them repai...

Spotlight: Accepted Solution

We are delighted to recognize and reward @steven-e  for contributing a response that resulted in an Accepted Solution! We'd also like to thank the original topic author for asking the community for help and acknowledging the post as solved: Solved: ...

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ccanada by Community Manager
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Resolved! P23-DH V calculator displaying an E (error?)

An 'E' displays in the lower left-hand corner of the screen when I move the ON button to PRT and then none of the buttons work.  I have put in 4 new AA batteries as well as a new 2032 Lithium battery. The same problem occurs if I plug into AC power. ...

DA90108 by Apprentice
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Missing conversations?

I have posted a question on the worth of Photobucket...twice and they have never appeared here. I even searched with the key word and still nothing. Any ideas?

Found this website: Fstoppers

I check the news on my phone every morning. The last few days, I have seen a website dealing with all kinds of photography items as tips, product reviews, etc. I clicked on the URL but didn't register until I got some advice from the community. The n...

Congratulations, You Ranked Up!

@AtticusLake Thank you for contributing to the Canon Community & congratulations on ranking up to Mentor!  Community members, learn more about ranking up by clicking on the following link.  

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ccanada by Community Manager
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Questionable phone support from 800-Service

My printer initially was working but wasn't working today. I was looking at the help section. I immediately had a phone call from 800-Service (888-585-8398) asking if I needed help with my printer. Had a similar call previously when I installed the p...

Jejd by Apprentice
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Cameras Needed to Launch High School Photography Club

GreetingsI am a recently retired Army photographer who has transitioned to being a high school teacher, who now teaches multimedia. I am located in a very poor county in North Carolina, where we are predominately people of color who really fight hard...

Markell by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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