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Why Can't I get ahold of anyone at Canon?

I am deeply disappointed in my service experience at Canon. I absolutely cannot get a hold of a live person and the website has given me the runaround at every turn. This experience has ruined my day. I don't know what else to do other than come here...

DKettle by Apprentice
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Questions About Cancelled EOS R8 Order

I just recently put in a order for a Refurbished R8 Body and the order status was cancelled. I had contacted the bank and they said they confirmed the transaction and that now it has gone through and Canon accepted it. However, I'm still just kind of...

How to change or unregister a kit

While registering a kit that I had received as a gift I accidentally selected the wrong kit and registered it. I was wondering if I could either delete the kit from being registered or alter which kit it is. I really need help because I can't use the...

Resolved! Multiple photos and selling one photo?

Here's my dilemma: I tend to take multiple photos of a subject as birds, flowers, landscape, etc., which are duplicates. I'm anticipating selling photos to some publications. If I submit a photo that is accepted and covered by the buyer's rights, wha...

Scammed by Non-Canon Support

While a support person was trying to fix my printer,he needed to get on my computer remotely. He told me I would need to pay $199.00 because my computer was really not updated. As he was remotely on my computer, and he told me I could walk away while...

Resolved! Order Processing time

What is the normal processing time for a camera order? I placed my order 3 days ago and it still says that it is processing. I was hoping to have my camera within a decent time period, and it makes me feel like I should've order somewhere else. I'm j...

Why Canon Contest - Who else entered?

Hey guys, I just entered the Why Canon contest. It was a blast to create that video. Did anyone else here enter as well? How did the process go?- Micah EOS Rebel T3, EFS 50mm, 18-55mm

Canon 10 X 30 IS Binoculars - sticky Rubber Coating

I have a 10 X 30 IS binocular [serial number deleted for privacy].  The rubberized coating is disintegrating and has become very sticky.  I see others have had this problem with other high end models.  How do I improve the condition or get them repai...

Resolved! 10 x 30 IS Sticky binocular coating

My 10x30 IS binocular coating has just started to noticeably deteriorate. Checking the discussions here it seems the problem goes back to 2013. There were a couple of proposals to mask it. Has anyone arrived at anything better than spraying with lacq...

arh2 by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Printing Incorrectly P23-DHV

My calculator is printing out weird numbers but it's calculating correctly.  This is the second one that has started doing this.  Any idea why or how it can be fixed?  

SLS1010 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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