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Return and cancel order

Hi,I have called at least eight times 8003852155 and no one is answering. I need to return my order of my lens and cancel order of camera body. Because the order of camera body never goes through, which makes this lens useless and I have to return it...

Jia by Apprentice
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Canon Store Order Long Processing time?

I placed an order for a refurbished camera on the 25th and received an email confirmation but the order status still shows as "Processing" two days later is this normal?Wondering if there is something wrong or if maybe they have a lot of traffic or s...

Order Cancellation Despite Successful Payment

I am writing to address a concerning issue that has arisen from my recent purchase attempt of a refurbished RF 100-500mm lens during the Black Friday promotions offered by Canon.Upon successfully placing the order and receiving confirmation of paymen...

Congratulations, You Ranked Up!

@Far-Out-Dude Thank you for continuing to contribute to the Canon Community & congratulations on ranking up to a Rising Star! Community members, learn more about ranking up by clicking on the following link.  

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ccanada by Community Manager
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Resolved! Canon 10x30 IS Sticky Body

Camera body is disgusting. These binoculars are not cheap and work well except for this problem which makes them unusable. This is a manufacturer's defect and in my opinion, Canon should compensate the customer.


Getting Canon to feature my work

How can I get featured as a Canon Photographer on their social media platforms besides just tagging them and responding to their comments (as appreciated and grateful as I am for them)?

Price Match? - Can't reach sales or customer service

Hello, I made a purchase yesterday (Order Number: [Removed to protect privacy] refurbished SL3 w/Lens) thinking there was no way it would be included in any kind of Black Friday promotion. Turns out I was wrong. It is now $100.99 off...I have been tr...

Canon order gets cancelled without notice

I placed an order (EOS R5) via phone on 6/14/2022 with 2 day shipping. I received an email confirmation as well. However i was told on 6/16/2022 by Canon that my order did not go through as the payment failed. I checked with my credit card company an...

Resolved! 10 x 30 IS Sticky binocular coating

My 10x30 IS binocular coating has just started to noticeably deteriorate. Checking the discussions here it seems the problem goes back to 2013. There were a couple of proposals to mask it. Has anyone arrived at anything better than spraying with lacq...

arh2 by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Does Canon have any EDU discounts?

As a student, I always see offers from Sony. Like a brand new A7IV for just $2200, including a bag and spare battery.Does Canon offer student discounts like that? I'm deliberating of changing the system, cause Canon prices are unbelievably uncompetit...

The Fall and Rise of Vivian Maier:

There has been a perennial question as to whether a photographer is considered successful, or more accurately talented, if their work is not seen, recognized and critiqued. In much like the question as to whether a photograph is really taken unless i...

Trouble reaching support - Warranty exchange

I have been trying to connect with a person about returning a printer under warranty. was told via live chat to register and then call. registered with phone number said i was set. called. they were closed. tried today, said didn’t recognize phone #....

Fraudulent Support Site Alert

I went to a bogus website that I thought was Canon and got scammed out of $1400. Do not go near these crooks. They are scammers who tell you your computer is infected. They can fix it but you have to buy 4 Target Gift Cards, for $1400 and then scrape...

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