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Printer reboot/support scam.


On Tuesday 12/5/23 I sought help on official Canon chat line to help reconnect my image class printer to all my Mac mobile devices. They had all stopped connecting after the most recent upgrade to my Apple devices. After description of problem to chat person I was instructed to hold for support via phone call to walk me through the reconnection. This seemed perfectly plausible. After I was finished with my interaction with ASOFTWARE SUPPORT SERVICES LLC , the mobile devices still did not connect and I had been bilked of 1300.00..   I think highly of Canon products and suppressed all the red flags ,because , I was on a direct thread with Canon.  Was forced to close all devices for 36-48h until forensics completed verifying safe to use. Last 3 days spent trying to recover the fraudulently obtained funds to no avail.  The fix was a simple update of printer firmware.  Looking for advice from Canon or anyone experienced in recovering funds in this type of scam. I do have all the exact times , purpose and people involved in this interaction , both initial and in follow-up. Thanks and I hope this doesn’t violate forum etiquette..



Our best advice is to talk to your bank and if needed, contact local authorities in your area! As for official Canon USA support let us give you our info so this doesn't happen again! 

Canon USA:
1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666)

And you can also access your official My Canon Account at

Sam,    How did Canon manage to hand me off to a support firm that surely can not be an approved business?  The people on the Canon chat line had me stay on the chat line until the call came through.  Although my browser history showed I was initially on the proper Canon site , I assumed I had made an error somewhere until I got the Canon survey today.  Canon must make sure NO ONE is sent to that business , and Canon should be directly, actively helping to recover my scammed funds.  You are in possession of my email and phone number and I would encourage Canon to contact me for info which would help protect future Canon product owners. 

We don't do that. Whoever you think you were chatting with was not us. There are a LOT of sites on the Internet that pretend to be official Canon support sites. The only official support sites for support for Canon USA are and, which will re-direct you to log into your Canon Account at Our support is in-house by Canon employees. Period. 

Based on the email address associated with your Canon Community account, I don't see that you have any products registered with your Canon Account. The phone number associated with your Canon Account doesn't pull up in our Tech Support system, which tells me that they didn't get a call from you (unless it was from a different number from the one on your Canon Account). I also did an email search in the support system, which didn't bring anything up. 

So, as Samantha suggested, we recommend contacting your Bank first - to let them know that you didn't authorize the charge.

Second, we highly suggest contacting actual Canon USA support to get your printer operating as it should. OUR phone number is 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) from 9am to 8pm (ET), Monday through Friday.

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