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Camera straps

There are several straps on the market that anchor to the camera at the tripod mount bracket.  I have heard pros and cons concerning these mounts.  Are they safe to use or can the camera be harmed?  A collar mount for a lens elimiates This problem bu...

Canon D420 only prints after print job is sent twice

My Canon D420 won't print when you send it a print job the first time. It only responds after you send the job a 2nd time. This is really annoying and I can't seem to find a fix or people with similar problems. The D420 is connected to the USB printe...

horn34 by Apprentice
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PIXMA PRO -1 printer, Setup-cd

Hello, by an accident I lost my set-up CD, so I cannot prepare my Computer for printing with the new printer.Is there really a possibility for download?- k.

Male-Cat by Apprentice
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I can't access my canon sd750 camera through my laptop

I usually have no problem downloading my pictures and videos. However, now my laptop or my PC computer is not recognizing the device, after I plug it into my USB port, then turn it on. Usually when I plug in any device there is a musical note, which ...

danroyer by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Optical Illusion....Explain This!

Greetings All! Here is an optical illusion I would like to hear some opinions about. The photo was taken by myself. It is a picture of one of three legs of a clocktower. The legs are curved down and outwards. The reflection that you are seeing in the...

Clocktower Leg-BW2.jpg
scj7129 by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Is this camera good to use in ghost hunting

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera, with one Canon Zoom Lens EF 75 - 300mm 1:4 - 5.4 and a EFS Lens 18 - 55mm and a Fujifilm Finepix S2000HD camera which I set to Ultra - High - speed Continuous Shooting @ 3Mpixel or less 15x Wide.I have been using t...

canon g20 camcorder converting video files to imovie

recently purchased a canon g20 camcorder. NOT PLEASED!  the problem i have is the video files will not work with imovie. ALL my other canon cameras did! memory card to card reader, upload to iphoto and then to imovie! i did some research and found ou...

edirt by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

6D vs 5d-mk3 for long exposure high ISO

Some on line info of unkown accuracy shows the 6D has better long exposure high ISO performance. This is known as amp glow.  The intended usage would be for astro phorotgraphy or night photgraphy where 30 second exposures at ISO1600 and up are requir...

Shutter count

I just bought a used 1DS MKII.  The camera had a new shutter installed by Canon last year and the first owner then stored it. I was curious about shutter count so went to and after uploading a JPEG from the camera, was told the cam...

Resolved! Introduction - Twilightscapes

Hello, my name is Todd Lambert and I was invited by Canon to help launch their new online forums. I am primarily a night photographer but I do dabble in just about anything else that catches my fancy. I love to shoot at night though, so if you have a...

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