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I do not understand ?  If a telephoto zoom lens rated f4-6.3 wont autofocus if connected to a camera with a 2x converter why a lens stopped down to f22 will autofocus?
Just trying to sort out the differences...and decide which is better for me...advice is another lamp at the still have to make the choice..its just easier to see which way you might prefer.
so I am a "fuzzy donuts" nut..Mirror / reflex lenses... How short do they get ? 55mm ?100mm ? 200mm ?
which is better... (advice is another lamp at the crossroad) ....I want to get a split lens focus screen for my Canon 600D/T3i.I shoot both wildlife and arcitecural subjects.I am debating on which is most likely my best bet... the horozontal single s...
whats the difference between a linear and a circular polarizer ? And what is best for reflex lenses ? 
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