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30D will not focus or take pictures in AF

I just bought a 30D to learn on.  When I got it home I realized that my camera won't focus in AF and obviously then will not let me take a picture.  It works fine in MF.  It came with the 18-55mm kit lens.  Sometimes it doesn't say anything, but I ha...

Blurred/unfocused pictures

Hi, I take photos that I use for my paintings and the last two shoots I've done, I've ended up with a good bit of blurry photos. It hasn't been that much of a problem in the past. My camera is an Eos rebel xsi. I've attached some examples of the blur...

IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0448.JPG

Canon 7D Mark II GPS Problem

Tried the GPS on a new 7D Mark II. The GPS symbol just kept blinking...did not connect.  I tried it again and let it blink for an hour...no connect.  I was wearing a Garmin GPS watch...it connected in about 3 minutes so I know there are satellites up...

richlion by Apprentice
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Resolved! EOS 7D Mark II Vs. 70D

Hi All, I am a hobbyist (IT techie by profession) and would like to know which one should I go for - EOS 7D Mark II or 70D? I already have EOS 600D for last three years and lenses - 135mm kit lens, Canon 100mm macro, Tokina Wide angle and Tamron 400m...

Purchasing a Canon

HiI am looking to purchase a Canon Camera. I was looking at dslr cameras. What is the best photography camera I could buy for under 1,000? Also It needs to be able to record video with sound, although that is not the primary function I need it for. 

T5/1200d USB otg

Recently purchased a 1200d and have been trying to use an otg USB adaptor with my Sony Xperia Z3.The phone works perfectly fine with a USB otg card reader, but if I use the otg adaptor and try the camera directly to the phone, I get nothing. Have the...

skeddy by Apprentice
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T5i Dead/No Sign Of Power

I just bought a Mini HDMI to HDMI so I can use a monitor but I plug it in and played around. The I swtitched off the stabilizer and the camera died (Like it won't work the batteries are charged I checked with all 3). I can't turn it on at all, I even...

I recently purchased a Canon 6D....

I wanted to upgrade from my Rebel. I have several lenses already and noticed that when I use them on my 6D there is a round black ring around the outside edges. Upon reading it seems that the Rebel has a "cropped frame" and the 6D has a "full frame"....

Resolved! 5d mk iii can't recognize card

recently took some shots with my 5d mk iiii allwent well. Put card in reader and photos downloaded to computer. Then put card back in camera tried to refomat and no go. message says cannot read card or reformat. tried another card same results. using...

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