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Problems taking pictures

I've had my camera (EOS rebel t5i) for a few years now but only recently I've started using it almost daily. It was okay all that time but now it only take pictures until I'm viewing objects through the screen. When I try the eye view I click on the ...

Canon 70D - trouble with Wifi

I have a Canon 70D about a year old. I am struggling to connect to my Mac using Wifi. I follow the steps up to the point where it says "start pairing" - I click OK. My computer tells me "EOS Camera detected, on network, click here." - I click connect...

5d mark iii won;t connect to computer

Hi have just purcheased a 5d mark iii and have installed the EOS utilities folder on my Mac but when i connect camera to computer a message comes up "Alert ! cannot be used with this Operating system ) "I am on Sierra OS  . Can anyone help me with th...

Janeyjo by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

EOS utility 3.6.30 problem on OS 10.12.6

I have bought the wireless file transmitter  WFT-E8 last week for my 1dx mark ii, I can pairing with my iphone successfully with my 1dx mark ii for remote shooting and everything is fine. The problem comes when I tried to pairing with my Macbook Pro ...

Resolved! Error 99

I get an "error 99" message when I take pictures with  my EOS Rebel XS.  I have changed my battery and memory card, but it hasn't helped.  Any suggestions about what to do next?

teej72 by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

Canon Rebel Xt Problem

Hi! I just got a Canon Rebel XT and I can't figure out how to transer the photos. I don't have to original cord so I bought one that connects it to my Macbook Pro via USB. I have the MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6 version on my computer. My computer doesn't r...

madib681 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Built in flash malfunction

I have a T5i that I just bought over the summer. Just now it started doing something that I really do not like and I need to know what my next steps should be. In any mode that uses the onboard flashUsing Auto-FocusUsing any and all lenses (kit lens,...

Rebel T6s - White Balance

Hello!   I've always used the basic white balance settings (shade, sun, etc.) and just decided to switch over to manually setting it myself with kelvins. Only thing is that I can't find that anywhere on the T6s - is it there? Is it possible to do on ...

Rebel XS

I have a Rebel XS bought in 2008.  When I try to take a picture, I get an ERR 99 message "Shooting is not possible, Remove and reinstall battery or turn off and on again. "  I bought a new battery and get the same message. The message comes up on all...

JillF by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Reg 70D Image issue

Dear Members, I have 70D, which is an upgrade from Nikon DSLR which I bought against my wellwishers advise (recommend Nikon 7100) and I feel bad I could not go with their advise.  Issue: Image even in Auto is not sharp (I took same image with my frie...

spvasan by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Where to start?

Have been a casual, perhaps hobbyist, shutterbug for a long time. Never put much effort into learning much of anything beyond full auto point and shoot. Been messing around with some of the manual settings...and having a lot more fun. Decided I wante...

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