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Saved Images failures

Yesterday, all of sudden the camera has stopped saving pictures correctly.  Looking through the viewfinder or back screen, image looks fine.  As soon as you take a picture you get the following.  This is the image that shows up on the back screen and...


T4i Not recognised by laptop

Please help, My laptop is not recognising my camera, I keep on getting a messing in the device manager saying Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)A request for the USB device descriptor failed. I am using window...

7D Video Stops and shutters

I've been using a Mark ii 7D for a while now for video, and sometimes after a while the shutter clicks and it stops recording. Attached is a video from an event i was filming last week and you can hear the 7D (not the camera used for this video) clic...

ETodd by Apprentice
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Rebel T6i - STUCK Recording Image

Is there a fix for this issue, I have only had this camera for about a year and am experiencing an issue where I snap a picture and the camera will get stuck "RECORDING IMAGE" and it will remain stuck on that screen until I take the batteries out.  I...

Photos - CTG problem

I'm having trouble accessing pictures taken with the EOS700D on a standard SD memory card. I only see CTG files on PC. I can still see the photos on the camera when I insert the SD card. How can I access the photos on PC? How can I prevent this from ...

Blue Lines in Photos

Hello from Florida! I'm new to the forum and fairly new to the world of picture taking. I look forward to reading the various topics to improve my camera skills. I have a question regarding a Canon EOS Rebel T6 I bought last fall. After about a month...

Blue Line.jpg
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