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6D 1-BBF - Autofocus Point Display

Hi,If I hold down the back-button focus and take a picture, the AF point is displayed upon review. However, if I release the back button to recompose, it is not displayed. I do have focus disabled from the shutter button. Any ideas?As I write this, m...

lens mount problem

so whenever i wiggle my lens, the camera turns off...its fine if i dont touch the lens but its very hard to use now. does anyone know how to replace the lens mount?

Exposure Simulation 5D4 ??

Hi everyone - I shoot in low ambient light situations often with my Canon 5D Mark IV, in addition to using Live View.  When I half-press the shutter while in Live View, the screen goes from completely dark to using the ambient light in the room, whic...

Battery kaput?

I bought my 70D in Sept 2014 with three batteries. I don't use the camera very often but now one of the batteries is faulty, I put it on the charger and within 30secs it is displaying green but when I insert it in to the camera it will not even start...

peterl by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! built in flash

Hi,My brand new 6Ti's built in flash is acting out. When I click the   shutter button half way down on Auto mode - the flash pops up, flickers a few times but when I actually take the picture - it doesn't flash. The pictures turn out really dark - me...

Tamar by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

rebel auto focus problems

why is there an autofocus/manual on the left hand side of the lense if you already change that on the right hand side of your camera???...is it because the camera button is diff from the lense??...i just had to recently buy another lense cuz mine was...

slorff by Contributor
  • 21 replies

Resolved! Canon 6D halfway shutter button exposure settings

Hello, I just used received my brand new Canon 6D (mark i). I used a Canon 100D for a while and I got used to checking my exposure settings using a halfway press on the shutter button (doing so make your exposure settings appear on your rear LCD pane...

Kev74 by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Good price for Canon T7I?

Would love to buy one but the $750-$800 price is way too much for me.  Maybe a "refurb" from Canon will appear again.  Keep checking from time to time but Canon is still out of stock for refurb's.  Don't like "used."  How about a "800D" from overseas...

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