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Question about formatting memory cards

Recently, in response to someone who was having trouble with a camera after switching an SD card between a Canon and a Nikon camera, I suggested that the card always be formatted in the camera it was going to be used in.  In response to this, I was t...

StanNH by Rising Star
  • 4 replies

showing movies with flashdrive

I like to create movies with my digital pictures from my Canon EOS Rebel T3i and have put them on a flashdrive to insure HD quality when displaying on my TV.  However, there is often a shimmer that occurs in a few spots on an image---not every pictur...

Max Mem Card Size

any know if there is a Maximum capacity for the Mem cards in the T3 (1100d) camera?   was wanting to but a 64gb card but the doc's don't say if the camera will accecpt a card with that much storage...

Resolved! T3 Viewfinder focusing

The viewfinder on my camere always appears to be out of focus. However, when I use AF and take the picture, I can see that the picture is focused on my screen. I have only had this problem for a month or so, but I really hate not being able to use MF...

6D MkII GPS just not working

I'm testing a new 6D MkII in Scotland. I used the original 6D with GPS without any proble,; I have separate GPS logging, and have used many different cameras with GPS, from basic consumer pocket models like the Fujifilm 770EX to Pentax K-1, Sony A99 ...

Daviek by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Canon 600d White fill issues

 Everytime i took photos on my canon 600d white fill always appear, i tried resetting everyting and changing everything but no to avail success, googling also i tried but no sucess any ideas? 

summer88 by Contributor
  • 19 replies

Resolved! EOS7D Mk2 suddenly not pairing over wifi

Hi,(I know this problem was discussed about a year ago but that thread was with a different EOS camera.)The process works correctly in that the camera is detected by the PC (smartphone pairing is OK) either in 'easy' or 'select a network' mode. I can...

navcomic by Apprentice
  • 7 replies
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