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Resolved! Canon 5D Mark 111

I have a Canon 5D Mark 111 all was working well until Friday. It just would not turn on.  I used it one day and the next just would not power up. What can I do.

OOP by Contributor
  • 11 replies

White haze on T7i

Just bought a T7i yesterday, filmed a bunch of stuff last night. Started going through it and noticed a lot of the clips have this white haze around the edges.  I'm new to slrs so not sure if it's broke or some kind of flare. Here are some screen sho...

white haze 1.png white haze 2.png

Resolved! Canon 750D Noise (Product Photography)

help about my Canon 750D, I just bought this one. The picture is very noise. the detail/shine of the diamond is not really showing.I am also using tripod and timer for taking pictures. RAW  BLUR/NOISE  EDITED  DATA 

750d.jpg grain.jpg c750d.jpg exif.jpg

Resolved! New Camera/Help

Hello my name is Corey,I wanted to get my steps into photography and have never owned a Camera. I just bought a used 40D yesterday that came with 2 lenses.(70-210 & a 35-135). It also came with a 2 GB Memory card, 2 batteries, a battery grip, and a c...

CoreyS by Contributor
  • 16 replies

60D error message error 20 message

Getting an error message when taking a picture. error message 20. Message says to turn off camera and reinstall battery. Have tried that several times still will not shoot. Tried 2 different batteries fully charged. Still will not shoot. Used the cam...

Resolved! Eos 1ds

I have a EOS 1Ds and my problem is that when i went to change lenses i removed 1 lens and a small plastic rectengle fell out from inside where the mirrows are located. Can any body tell me how to reinstall it.  

jonsey by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

External Mic T5i

We use external mics to get better audio quality.  When you playback a recodring on the camera there is no audio.  When I take the SD card out to check on a computer, the camera is recording audio.  You just cannot hear it when you playback on the ca...

I need Canon 7D camera, to never power off.

Hi guys, I'm using the canon 7d for a project and I need it to stay on as long as possible, I set the auto power to off and it seems like after a while 20-30 minutes or so- a bunch of settings display on screen over the camera feed and don't go away ...

adkaros by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

7D Mark II second curtain - How To?

I tried my first foray in to slow sync flash tonight and was very excited. I wanted to get my motion blur then freeze my subject. I went into the settings looking for rear curtain and found out Canon calls it second curtain. I rotated my wheel till s...

KingNine by Enthusiast
  • 9 replies

Resolved! Can a T6i be used with capture software?

Is there a way to use my T6i connected to my computer and output into another program other than the Canon software.  I'd like to use my camera doing astrophotography with Sharpcap.  I just tested and couldn't get it to work and thought I'd ask the g...

DPP 4.6.10, sickenning slow

Ever since I purchased 80D, I have to move on to DPP4 which is becoming more of hassel to use. I had DPP3 working perfectly with 60D files. It was fast and snappy. Then came DPP4. On a highend i5-4690k/16GB RAM system, this freaking software works li...

sensia25 by Contributor
  • 17 replies
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