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Problem with Rec.Separately - several files saved only in JPG


Hi, I'm having a problem with my Mark IV (purchased Dec.2019). Tried to look for it at the forum but haven't found a similar issue.


I'm using 2 card slots on weddings, with the "Record Separately" mode. I set it to record RAW files on my CF card (Sandisk Extreme Pro 256gb), and JPG "M"-size on my SD (Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb). Thus, the JPGs that are being recorded on the SD card, are supposed to just be backups in case something happens to the CF card.

I just returned from a long wedding shoot and decided to check the SD just in case, and noticed that the CF had 6710 RAW files, but the SD had 6720 JPG files! Which means that there are 10 files that haven't been recorded in RAW and only exist in JPG.

I'm really frustrated now as I've shot several events since purchase and usually was only copying files from the CF card. Which means I've lost several photos without even knowing. I only have 1 more event previously shot on the same card and see that same issue happened (it has JPG files that I've never seen in my RAW folder).


So the questions are: why is this happening and how do I avoid it?


From what I've read in the instructions, I'm doing everything correct: I need one RAW format on one card and a smaller JPG format on the other one, so the only thing it should affect is the record speed - but not the camera choosing itself just one card for saving files. Both cards I'm using are supposedly compatible with the camera and have fast write/read speeds, so this also shouldn't be an issue.

I'm really frustrated, already sent an email to Support, but they usually take days to reply...



Sometimes if you shoot from movie mode, it only shoots JPEG. Same thing for some in-camera (hdr) processing.

Thanks! Hmmm, are you suggesting the camera was accidentally switching to Movie mode and "taking pictures by itself"? 


I work with 2 bodies so this 5D occasionally rests on the harness, and sometimes my hip does switch it to movie. But the photos I'm seeing in JPGs are the ones I was deliberately taking, and if I remember well, the camera was in photo mode at those moments. No HDR photos taken as well, just the regular burst mode. 

If you copy all of the photos to a single folder and sort by date/time the CR2's and JPEG's for a particular shot will be next to each other.  This may help to resolve the problem.  Just lots of simular photos to look through but you may find a JPEG with no associated CR2.


Thank you! 
Yes, that's what I eventually did, found these 10 shots. 

The problem is that I don't understand why it happens, and also, these 10 JPGs don't have RAW duplicates - which means I only have them in medium-sized JPG that doesn't work well for editing or for printing (basically these 10 files are "lost") 


Canon support just replied with the following: 


"I certainly understand your frustration with having missing images. Going by the description in your email you set everything up correctly to simultaneously record JPGs and RAWs at the same time and there should be a one to one copy for each photo. There can be a couple of things that could potentially cause that to happen.


The first would be related to the memory on the cards. If the memory is full on one the camera would stop recording images to it. It should pop up a message if that is the case. I'm sure you already checked that. I'm just bringing it up to make sure all the bases are covered.


The other thing that could cause this is if the file count went up high enough that the camera had to make a new folder on the card. If that happened it is possible that the remaining 10 photos are in a separate folder. If that is the case when you put the CF card into a card reader, go into the DCIM folder you should see a couple of folders in there. They would be named something like Canon100, Canon101, or Canon102. Every time the file numbering on a card goes passed 9999 it would start a new folder. It can be possible for the numbering to be different between the SD card and CF card.


If the missing photos are not in a separate folder the next thing to check is which photos are missing. Are the 10 all at the beginning, end, or are they random throughout the shoot?

If they are all at the beginning was the CF card formatted towards the beginning of the shoot while the SD card was not? That's unlikely since you mentioned photos from your prior shoot were still on there, but it is still a good thing to check. If they are random that could be an issue with either the card reader or the CF card. To narrow that down we would recommend trying a new CF card to see if the same thing happens. If they are all at the end that would be in line with the start of a new folder or the memory running out on the CF card.


If the issue is with the card reader on the camera Canon U.S.A., Inc. has created a new online repair portal that allows you to set up service in a few simple steps. The repair portal gives you the ability to set up service for multiple pieces of equipment at once, and to receive a repair estimate in the majority of cases, depending on your model and issue. The portal also allows you to upload images or videos that will assist us in repairing your product. You can also select how you wish to be notified of the progress of your repair. The portal's service history section allows you to view all services that have been performed on any of your camera or video products since January 7, 2020. "

Ok so it seems that the problem really is the camera. 

Really frustrated as I just bought it in December, and more that I'm in Mexico shooting weddings, until April Smiley Sad 

Will have to be double-checking every shooting now, until April-May - and then send it to Canon ... No way I can stay without it for more than a week now, but don't see any other solution. 

Anyone confronted problems while being abroad? What did you do?