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BUSY signal when downloading pictures

I have a DS 126 151 Canon Rebel.  I am a novice--very novice--and I have never had this happen before.  I am trying to download my pictures from my camera to my home computer via the cable and I am getting a BUSY signal when trying to connect to the ...

Delayed photos on manual

My photos are becoming very delayed. I used to never have a problem with taking photos on the manual setting and now for some reason the camera is taking very delayed photos. There is no timer on it so im not sure whats going on. Its in MF, with the ...

EOS Rebel T3; Top mirror piece problems!

I have an EOS Rebel T3. I am looking for advice or some help on what I need to do to fix my problem. A couple months ago when my family and I were on vacation, I took out my camera to take some photos. When I attached my lens and looked through the v...

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Audio Playback on EOS Rebel T5i

Hi - Disclaimer:  Newbie - really, newbie with a question: I'm taking first steps at recording video on the T5i; when p;aying back, I can see the video just fine, no audio.  Audio recording is set to Auto.  Can I actually playback video on the t5i wi...

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