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80D no beep and no audio playback and headphone jack question


I just discovered that my 80D has no beep sound upon focus confirmation. I have set to enable beep already. I play a video clip and no audio playback despite I adjust the volume to highest level. Audio in movie setting was "auto" and not "disable".


I played the video on the PC by inserting the SD card and all was fine. There was sound recording.


I couldn't figure out the cause of the problem. One of the possible causes was the built-in speaker which may be broken.


Actually, I can live with it because I mostly disable beep and seldom playback video in the camera. BTW, there is a headphone port which I can make use of if I need.


I hope that wise people here can share their experience relating to sound problem on 80D.


When I am experiencing the above mentioned problem, I plugged in my headphone to the port to verify that nothing else went wrong. I face another problem. (This is the first time I ever use the headphone port.). I am not sure if the plug needs to be some sort of standard. When the plug was pushed to the inner-most position,there is no sound, I need to pull it back a bit to hear the beep and the video sound track.(It works)  I then used a Sennheisser earphone and another Sanyo headphone to test it, they all behaved the same. I have to pull out a bit to make it work. Headphones have two rings and earphone has three rings.


I heard people saying that one needs to push the plug all the way in but I don't want to break something. Is there any particular headphone or adapter I need to buy to make it work perfectly. Please advise.


Happy New Year to all.



Update: I tried again plugging in the headphone more. It works. The headphone port has no problem.

I will contact Canon repair to ask the possible cause of the in camera speaker after the holiday.

I have reset everything to factory, removed the battery overnight and problem still persisted.

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