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M100 wifi button drain battery. How to disable it?


I bought a m100 a week ago and noticed that the battery was drained while the camera was off and the body was hot. I did some search and found some discussions on dpreview about the wifi can be turned on while the camera is off if the wifi button is pressed.

I checked the manual and menu. I did not find any way that I can disable the button. Anyone knows how to do that?

I think this is a desgin issue. The power button is well protected from accidently turnning on and the camera will go into sleep mode if there is not interaction in a minute or so. However, the wifi button is not pretected in anyway and the camera won't be turned off automatically. 

I have the camera just a week. I already experienced this issue. A camera without power is useless brick. It can cost a thousand dollar trip. More seriously, it can be a fire harzard. 

Is there a way to open a ticket against Canon and has this fixed.




To use Wi-Fi, the camera has to be turned on.  If the camera is left on "Eco-Mode" will turn the display off and put the camera into a standby state.  You can "wake" it up by pressing any button.  This conserves battery life, but also keeps the camera "ready" to take pictures.  This is expected behavior and as designed. 


Very simple:


Don't leave your camera on when you are not using it


Don't leave it on and store or transport it where the button could be activated or pressed.


You may not like this behavior, but I don't agree this is a defect.  A mobile device does the same thing.  Screen goes off when powered on but not in use.  You can wake it by tapping the screen, pressing a button or in my case simply by looking at it.     I read your post

Not A Defect.png



Have you tried turining wi-fi off all together?

menu 4.png

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Rick, thank you very much for your speedy reply.


Sorry, I don't use "Eco-Mode." I turn off the camera by pressing the power button on the top of the camera. Given that you mentined the Eco-Mode, I tried to turn it on and off, it doesn't make any different in terms of the behaviour of the Wifi button. It will alway turn on the camera when it is pressed.


As you mentioned about mobile device, if you press the power button on the device for 3 seconds, it will allow you to shut down the device completely. That is it will not be up again no matter what button I press unless I press the power button for 3 seconds again. This is the behaviour I am expecting. However, for the Canon m100, as far as I know, the Wifi button will always start up the camera no matter under what condition. So, there is no way to shut down the camera completely. This is clearly a defect. 


I have gone through the menu items that you shown in the screen capture. There is no place to turn off the WIFI. The Wi-Fi connect'n menu item is the menu page the Wifi button will bring up if you press it. To make the matter worse, once it went into the Wifi connection menu, the camera won't go into sleep mode and it will drain the battery until it is dead.


I am not the only one that experienced this issue. Here is the link to the discusson in dpreview that I mentioned before.


So, I think Canon should fix it as soon as possible. It is a critcal issue for the users and it could be a safety concern.


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