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5d mk iv random file numbering


On my last shoot, shooting raw to CF card, the file numbering went out of sequence, then back in.

0719, 0720, 0721 and then the very next frame was 0001, and the next 14 frames ending in 0014, and then the next frame was 0782 and continued like normal for the rest of the shoot. I did not erase anything manually on the card. I was shooting tethered to lightroom.

The only reason this worries me is that I think I lost a whole sequence of shots on a previous shoot - just disappeared from the card.

Is this a camera problem? or a cf card problem?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Sara,


Depending on the file handling settings in Lightroom, it may have been changing the file name there to prevent duplicate file names but it would be hard to say for sure and that would require the exact same file name in the exact same import folder which would only happen if you use the same folder for all of your incoming tethered shots on multiple shoots without dated subfolders.


Alternately, if the CF card has not performed a low-level format in some time, the file name conflict may just be due to residual deleted data on the card. Checking to see if this happens with another CF card and while not tethering would be a good way to check both of those possibilities to at least determine if the camera is doing this or not.



A couple things to try;

There is no such thing as a low-level format for CF cards.   CF cards are way different than SD cards.  Memory cells are always arranged in sectors, so there is no need to form sectors via low-level formatting.

But you need to do a format of the CF card before you use it again or better yet buy a new top quality CF card. Next you need to completely reset your camera. Menu, tools, clear all setting and clear all custom settings. The last one is very important so make sure you do it.

Next reset preferences in LR. I personally have LR import by date. I think that is the default and where you need to be for right now but whatever rest it. To reset preferences, hold down Alt/Opt-Shift as you start LR, and you'll get a dialog box to reset. This will set all LR preferences settings back to their defaults.


Now give it another try and see if the file numbering is straightened out. Raw file format has nothing to do with it unless you switched back and forth between it and jpg.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thank you for these helpful responses.


I format the card before each new job. I use Lexar Pro 32 gb 1066x, and start with new ones annually, but this was an old one. I'll throw it out to be on the safe side. Please recommend a superior brand if you have a suggestion? I know I should also shoot to SD simultaneously to be safe, but I never have, for no reason other than laziness.


I will also reset all camera functions - ugh - and reset LR. If it fixes the issue, I guess I'll never really know what the issue was: bad card, bad camera settings, or faulty LR setup, but hopefully it never happens again.


Thank you again for your time in helping me.


Any top brand is ok. I have used Lexie.
EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!