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Camranger vs Canon Connect

What are some difference between Camranger vs Canon Connect? Is it necessary really to get Camranger if Canon Connect does the same thing? Does Canon Connect also do liveview streaming of video recording onto an iPad? You see, I have a Canon 7D (whic...

adamend by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

5D Mark IV C-Log Bit Depth

My 5D Mark IV has Canon Log (c-log) installed which I'm playing around with. I downloaded the Canon supplied Look Up Tables (LUTs) and I'm trying to understand the provided files. The 5D MKIV falls under the Gamma Transfer 1D LUT (Group 3) which prov...

sseganti by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Maximum size SD card for T5i?

Is there a maximum size SD card that a T5I can take/read?    I did some google searches and all I can see is questions of people asking "what is the best sd card?"  .  I'm simply looking to know if there is a limitation on size?  512GB?  1TB? 

Not very important but interesting

I was in a camera store on Saturday and asked if they had hot-shoe covers for my 70D and they had so I bought one. On Sunday I tried to take a photo with the built-in flash just as fill in but the flash would not deploy, I tried every mode to get it ...

peterl by Contributor
  • 4 replies

T2i Viewfinder Exposure Issue

this all of a sudden appeared for me after restarting my camera. I've taken almost 45,000 images through the camera over the years. I am actually getting ready to sell it and all of a sudden my exposure indicator in the viewfinder looks all bizarre. ...

parafly9 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! EOS 750D can't connect to CS100

Hello.Like the title says, i want to download photos from my canon 750D to the canon station CS100 using NFC.Wireless is activated on my camera but when i put it on the doc it says : cannot import from the device.What can i do?

roon3y by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

No card error for eos xsi

I have a rebel eos xsi and recently it has begun to tell me every time I enter my card that i have no card. This is the same card I have been using for years. I have tried a different card that is my back up and it not accepting it either. Any sugges...

Resolved! Canon eos 750d magnification function (+)

Hi, I'm Mike from Australia.  I have a 750d eos canon camera.  I just tried the magnification function (+) which worked well but when I took the shot ithe pic reverted to normal size...can you magnify a shot and then save it? thanks Mike

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