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Rebel T3 Backpack

I am a casual user and I like to take my camera and tripod on hikes with me, but an old fashion backpack just doesnt do it. Budget wise I'd like to keep it under $60. Room for a T3 with a 55mm on it, straps for a tripod on the side and room for water...

Zyclone by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Flash not working

I recently was attempting to take a picture with my flash.  As I pressed the button, the flash popped really loud (like a firecracker).  Now the flash will pop up, but not light up.  It keeps saying "busy" but will eventually take the picture - just ...

LisaG by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

USB Sharing Hub for Canon T3i?

Hey everybody, I'm using my T3i to do a solo project with me as the only crew member. There are two camera accessories that I want to use at the same time with my canon T3i, but both operate by being plugged into the camera's one and only mini usb po...

EOS 70D - nowhere to attach sync cable

Hi everyone, just hoping to get some direction re triggering studio lighting with my Canon 70D that's just arrived.A long time photographer I am however just venturing into the world of studio lighting and have this month just set up a small home stu...

Shutter sound

Is there any way to not have a shutter sound on the EosT3i? I use it during prayers and don't want it to desturb  people.

Paj by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! multiple exposures DISABLE

just bought a 6d. was shooting Multiple Exposures, then disabled it to shoot normal but the feature was not disabled. it still is shooting Multipe Exposures. feel trapped . help. how do i get out of it or is it a camera defect?thanks for any helptom

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