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Resolved! multiple exposures DISABLE

just bought a 6d. was shooting Multiple Exposures, then disabled it to shoot normal but the feature was not disabled. it still is shooting Multipe Exposures. feel trapped . help. how do i get out of it or is it a camera defect?thanks for any helptom

Resolved! Rebel T3i

Have camera set to store in Raw format. When I take out memory card, put in computer and download images to Lightroom then put back in camera, camera goes to M storage. What am I doing wrong? Not touching camera settings

T4i Isn't accepting any memory card.

Hello. I've had a T4i for over two years now. The camera has been completely unusable for more than 6 months beause it won't read any SD card I insert. I keep getting an error that says: card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format card wi...

Best lens for a T3

I bought a T3 a few years ago.  It has served it's purpose for basic pictures but I want to buy a better lense that will work for action shots, outdoors and low light settings.  I realize I might have to buy more than one lense but I am starting to g...

tlan73 by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

My 7D II is DOA :( :( :(

Got it from Newegg.com yesterday. Played with the settings for 20 minutes then took the battery out to charge it. Battery showed fully charged 3 hrs later so I unplugged it. I left the battery on the desk right next to the camera then went to work. I...

camera stops working as pnp?

Hey, I have a rebel t3 and it was working for quite sometime from usb to my pc, all of a sudden windows stops recognizing it. All my ports are still working everything else i plug in works fine. I tryed to find drivers and there are none? Is there so...

dor3y by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

70D new owner focus questions

Hi there. Yes, I am aware that there are several thousand pages on the internet relating to possible focus issues on some 70D's and indeed I've posted on one such thread on this forum. In discussions with Canon UK who aren't fantastic when it comes t...

Henryf by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Digital Rebel XT

I see how to download the latest firmware however the site does not tell me how to update the firmware on the camera.  How do I do that?

jbcohen by Contributor
  • 4 replies
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