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Film counter stuck on an F1!!


Hi there! Ive recently bought a canon f1, everything seems to be in working condition mostly apart from the framecounter. Whenever i try to advance it seems to move onto the next frame but bounces back. I assumed it was the back pin behind the back plate, but pushing that in/having the back on does not solve it. Could the pin be the issue or do i need to open it up? I have tried it with a roll, shot 3 shots and forwarded the lever which wound the film correctly but the counter still performs the same. Most cameras would reset the counter when you open up the back (pushing the pin out) however if i push in the pin manually with a thin object and shoot+advance the lever whilst the door is open, the counter does the exact same:/ I've got a video/gif of the description on my submission history!



It likely needs a cleaning and lube job.   All F1's have years of age on them now.  If you don't know what you are doing I strongly recommend you, do not open it up.  If you need You Tube, you do not know what you are doing!

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