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Magazine quality image

I have a canon SL1. I’ve taken some AMAZING photos on it! I’ve been asked to take photos that will be posted in a magazine but want to make sure that the quality of the SL1 is good enough. If so, what suggestions are there for the best quality? It wi...

80d Won't recognize batteries, shuts down

Hi. I've got an 80d and bought 2 off brand batteries. The camera asks if they show the Canon logo, I say no. It asks if I want to continue using, I say yes. Then randomly, sometimes immediately, sometimes 3 minutes later it just shuts down. Mostly wh...

Zaned by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

Ready to Upgrade...T2i to what?

Hi guys! I'm ready to go BIG and upgrade from my current and first professional camera, the rebel T2i. I'm thinking the 6D, because the 5d3 is a bit too much for me. I'm just wondering if I should consider the 7D or go with the newer 6D?

NSPhoto by Apprentice
  • 31 replies

Resolved! Upgrading 5D Mark II

I shoot skiing and landscapes for large prints. I require a full frame sensor because I shoot wide angle with a 16-35 Mark III.  I have a hard time caputring quickly moving subjects in focus when using my 5D Mark II, am deciding between purchasing a ...

6dii Test Footage after 1 week

 Ok everyone here is a short test footage from my new Canon 6dii. Would love to know what you all think about it.Ps. i am not the editor for our company but have been given the roll of doing most of it for youtube so sorry for that haha  

T3i Shutter

My T3i isnt taking pictures at anything less than a 35mm. its making the noise as if its trying to close the shutter to take trhe picture and the screen turns black but it just wont capture. any suggestions?

Press shutter nothing happens on 70D

Camera is a Canon 70D. I was in my boat taking photos of birds along the river. There was a bright sun and I would press the shutter halfway down and nothing. Then sometimes out of the blue it would take a picture. I was in auto one shot mode. I'm st...

77D Battery Grip

Relatively new to the Forum.  Just got my 77D and was looking for accessories on Amazon.  Ordered extra  batteries, lens filter, lens hood and other odds and ends but could not find a battery grip for this model.  Canon does not make one (yet??) so I...

tconstan by Contributor
  • 1 replies

connecting 5D I to MacBook Pro

I can't get my EOS Utlity to open up the Camera to download images to my MacBook Pro. I have checked that the MacBook Pro recognises the device. But it just isn't pairing.  Is this because the MI is so old and the software is not compatible? How can ...

HDR with mirror lockup on 5DsR?

Is there a way to shoot a five shot bracket with mirror lockup on a 5Dsr? I have not tried it but it just occurred to me that switching to live view before pressing the shutter release might work. Is thete another way to to get the mirror to flip up ...

Bazsl by Rising Star
  • 3 replies

T7i live view vs view finder

Hey!! I'm brand new to the dslr community. Just got my T7i a few days ago. Been messing around with different modes. I've noticed that when I'm in Apeture priority mode and I take a pic in live view then switch it to view finder and take a pic. The p...

S606936 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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