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Going from an R to a R5: Remote Switch Question

Occasional Contributor

I will move from an R to the new R5 once the R5 is readily available.   


I have a remote switch RS-60E3 with a plug that looks like a 1/8" stereo plug that fits into the EOS R.


For the EOS R5, it looks like it will take a three pin plug.   Ugggh, do I have to buy a new remote switch?   I already did that when I went from the Canon 5D mark IV.


My question:   Does anybody know where I can get a plug or converter that woulod plug into a 1/8" plus on the RS-60-E3 and convert it to a three pin?   




Jim Patterson



A Bluetooth device makes for a very good remote shutter release.  Try it with your EOS R.


"Doctor told me to get out and walk, so I bought a Canon."

Occasional Contributor

... I was hoping to be able to use my RS-60E3 with the 1/8" plug on the new EOS R5.   


I tend to avoid wireless.   For instance, I use a wired keyboard and wired trackball with my iMac.   No failure to connect problems.



Honored Contributor

I don't think so, they only make the RA-E3 that goes the other way.


That said, the TC-80N3 is a good remote trigger/intervalometer.