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If I focus on my subject at the longest focal length of my EF-S 18-135 and then zoom back to 18 will my subject still be in focus? As I use Tv as my mode I assume the camera will automatically adjust the aperture (I choose the speed) to cater for the...

peterl by Contributor
  • 5 replies

18-55mm kit lens autofocus broken

i just realized i posted this on General Discussion before... So basically my kit lens had its Autofocus broken. It wont autofocus at all, you can only focus it manually. Usually when you press the shutter button it will autofocus, right? But not for...

Canon 6D lost files

So we are in Sun City South Africa and did a safari, I took my 6D and a 70-200 USF with a 2x teleconverter and we got some amazing shots... Until we got back to the hotel and the majority of them were corrupt and wouldn't open. Some would. but the on...

angooseg by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS Rebel T6s - Transferring Raw Files

I have been using the EOS Rebel T6s for over a year now. A very good feature is the manner in which pictures can be transferred using the WIFI/NFC to the phone directly. However, i am trying to figure out why won't it let me transfer RAW+Jpeg images ...

canon 600d problem

Hey Guys. Apologies for the awful lingo, as my camera knowledge is very limited.I have a Canon 600d. The wheel that changes the aperture and the iso etc does not work anymore. The one by your first finger. Now it’s not that new a camera and it’s an £...

Resolved! t3i not shooting in set resolution

Hi everyone. New to these forums here but not to Canon. Been shooting with my t3i for about 5 years now.I'm noticing that sometimes (not always) when I'm shooting, the pics don't process at the full res that I've selected that is 5184 x 3456. Some sh...

70D no longer recognizes cards.

I was about to go out with my camera and was checking the card and battery to see if I wanted to change either.  Looking in the camera I saw that the card was half filled and needed changing.  The battery was in the same state.  I do not remember in ...

6d: Cannot Access Card

I turned on my camera this morning and received this error: "Card cannot be access reinsert/change the card or format card with camera.".  I cannot format a card either.  I tried all the SD cards i own and I get thesame error.  I can access a card wi...

daviswh by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon 70D shutter count missing

Hello guys, i am here because i asked almost everywhere for a solution. nothing helped. i turned my canon 70d on after sitting in the bag for a week with a battery grip. the camera turned on but the shutter count or possible shots section is empty. n...

RC-6 remote

I like the RC-6 remote I bought for my 60D several years ago. Now having both the 60D and an 80D, I wanted a remote to carry with the 80D so that I didn't need to keep switching back and forth. I now have bought two more RC-6 remotes. Neither of them...

General software

Perhaps I am being a little slow but is there a general software package that I could load and see if my Firmware or other stuff is up to date on my 70D? I cannot find such a package in the material that came with the camera.

peterl by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Camera or External Mic Issue?

Hi Guys. I have a serious issue with my camera, I don't know what is causing it but here's the problem :My external mic gets disabled sometimes and randomly, I formatted my SD Card using the Camera and plugin everything in basic manner. I have a stra...

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