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Playback from raw without picture style

I shoot jpg a d SD card and raw on CF card and preview/playback is seriously from CF card, as I want to see exactly what degree of enhancement the pic needs in Lightroom, in order to decide if to keep it or delete it. When you are on a 21 day holiday...

thegios by Contributor
  • 1 replies

77D and Travelite not in sync

For a few years we've been using Travelite 750 strobes with a 60D and an 80D by setting on-camera flash to 1/128 power -- enough to trigger the strobes with effecting the shot. Camera set to ISO 100 and 1/100-sec shutter. However, the same setup with...

DonSRQ by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Desaturated green on 5D MK II

Shooting in the Palouse of E. Washington, which is very green right now, I noticed that the greens displayed on the lcd and in downloaded raw are much less saturated. WB setting is auto, color space is Adobe RGB. shooting in sunlight, late afternoon....

Card Cannot be accessed EOS 1200D

Its been bugging me, my memory card cannot be accessed on my camera, so i swiched my other memory card and its the same thing, still not accessable and unable to format on the camera, i tried formatting on the computer and it is still not accessable....

ZynDnl by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera not focusing

Hi I have a Canon T6i with the lens 18-55mm. I have only had the camera for 2 days since I bought it and when I turned it on today, the camera was completely out focus. I've tried everything on the forums. I've tried putting it on AF mode and all tha...

IMG_9363.JPG IMG_0162 2.JPG

Movie files already on computer Question.

This is my 3rd canon Rebel, I starte with a Digital Rebel then went to the 3i and now am onto the 7i.  I got used to allowing windows to simply import my files so I didn't think it could be a problem when I started using the 7i.  I have now corrected...

Canon rebel T6 slow photos and blur

I have a Canon Rebel T6 which I ordered at the end of May. It came with the kit lens, 18-55 mm and then I ordered a Yongnuo 50mm lens for it. Well, I've had no issues with it until today. I just shot a wedding last weekend on Saturday and I had no is...


I got this new camera and I read everything about it. It was working great and now it won’t focus or anything. It’s on auto focus. I tried some filters out and now it won’t take a clear picture. What can I do?

Caleigh by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Canon EOS 1D MK11

The camera was working fine as my backup camera THEN over night it wont focus in AF? Viefinder is sharp but photos blurred it has the same settings as my 1DS M11 so i dont know Does the CMOS Battery have any effect it hasn't been dropped or knocked ....

ABBOTALE by Contributor
  • 11 replies
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