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M5 or M6 or M50

Hi Guys. As subject line - I want something for a bit of general photography and maybe video. I'm usually attracted to price - that being that if its more expensive it must be better. But is this right in this case? There's a significant difference i...

TheRogue by Enthusiast
  • 36 replies

Sudden fuzzy photos - EOS80D

I have an odd problem with my camera. I have been using my camera a lot this week due to graduation photos, so I know this issue is brand new and that the camera was working perfectly fine very, very recently.  In short, my camera's photos are coming...

IMG_4042.jpg IMG_5244.JPG IMG_5237.JPG
aubreys by Apprentice
  • 16 replies

Resolved! New 6DMK2 with dirt on sensor-need advice

Hi all, new member here.Last fall I purchased a new 6DMK2 after many years of owning a great T3i. I wanted to try full frame so I got the 6DMK2 +  24-105 F/4 lens kit from B&H. It sat for weeks because of both my wife's and my health issues. I finall...

FM3AAR by Contributor
  • 12 replies

File numbering jumps 70D

Hello, I process several photographer's images and some of them have this issue where the file numbering starts correctly from 0001 to somewhere in the 100s and then jumps to the 9000 (ex: 0120, 0121, 0122, 0123 - 9850, 9851, ... ).File numbering is ...

rebel SL2 how to watch videos?

I have recently purchased a rebel SL2. I cannot watch videos on my computer. I have older computer with windows 7. I tried downloading software from canon, each timea message opens in word ; says cannot open? Is my computer just to old ? would love t...

Canon EOS4000D

When trying to download a video to my phone via the Camera Connect app it doesn’t allow me to because of the formatting - just says does not support this type of video format. All the settings on the camera are standard - I also don’t have any sound ...

Canon 80D Video Quality

Hi there! I'm having a problem with my brand new Canon 80D, and I have to say that i'm scared The thing is that I just buyed it like 3 months ago, and since then I've been using it quite a lot. My problems is that even setting up what I think that ar...

Screen1.PNG Screen2.PNG Screen3.PNG

EOS 80D Focus on moving target

I took this photo with a Canon 80D with an EF-S55-250 f4/5.6 IS STM lense, max zoom in Fully Auto mode, with L size and JPEG output.  The picture came out pretty good (original pic file size exceeded max allowable for post), but when I blow it up (pi...


Transferring videos to Smartphone

Hello, I am having trouble transferring my videos from my Rebel T6 camera to my Smartphone using the connect easy feature. I can transfer still images but not videos. Do I need to download a special app on my Smartphone?

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