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Resolved! EOS 630 (Film) will not turn on

  I have an old 35 mm (film)  EOS 630 that I have not used in years.  When I put a fresh battery in, the display does not activate and is blank, just like before I put the battery in.  The camer was working the last time I used it many years ago so I...

Resolved! Flash/Shutter Delay with M5

I just got a new-to-me M5 and I simply adore it. Mirrorless offers everything I want in a camera. Only glitch is the fairly well known issue of delayed shutter and flash operation in very dark surrounds, even after focus has supposedly been establish...

Quiet by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Canon 6d2 to 5d4 upgrade

This is my dilemma and I'll acknowledge that it may not be a smart use of my wallet. I have a perfectly fine 6d2 with battery grip that I bought about two years ago. I also have a 7d2 with a good selection of lenses for both. I recently came across a...

5D *Classic* memory card capacity?

I have Canon 5D Classic memory card capacity question (16 vs 32 GB). My apologies If this has been previously answered.I have a 5D Classic which still has plenty of good miles left in her. I use 8 GB memory cards, but every so often I find myself run...

JTillman by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon Eos M50 Focus Question

So I just got a canon eos m50 I’m new to the camera world and I can’t figure out how to get everyone’s faces to focus when taking a photo. It has a flip screen and it’s amazing for taking solo selfies and shots of an image but when I tried to take a ...

Canon 7D Mark ii

I'm trying to find out if the Canon 7D Mark ii is complatible with High Sync capability with off camera strobes.  I currently have a couple Alien Bees lights, and it does not seem compatible with those lights.  I am still not able to shoot with a shu...

Angelos by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

EOS M50 Movie Files Wont open on computer

New to the EOS M50 used to have a different Canon Camera. I have movies recorded on my camera. I can play the files just fine from my camera. But then when I put the San Disk into my Mac computer (latest operating system) I can not play the videos. I...

R6 Disappointment/FYI

Bought an R6 on 12/06 to use for Christmas. Today 10 days later while updating the firmware to 120 using a 64 GB SDXC II card and update from canon website, after 2 minutes of download the following message appears on the screen "Firmware Update Prog...

T6s confused

Coming from a T5i, my T6s focusing is different. I'm not able to get 1 dot focusing point even though following directions on videos I've seen.I select 1 pt AF but when trying to take a picture, I still get severalAny help is appreciated

Using my t6 rebel as a webcam

I'm using the canon t6 rebel as a webcam on a tripod. This setup is including a mini hdmi to hdmi cord to an elgato camlink 4k then to the pc by USB. The other cord is the the data cable to usb   I bought this one because I needed one 10ft. I got all...

Wardport by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Can't get T7I and Camera Connect to work

I'm trying to connect my android phone (Android 8.0.0) to my T7i using the Canon Camera Connect app. The phone shows the correct camera SSID in the listof networks, but when I try to connect to that camera network I see "Internet may not be available...

DSC02425_DxO_800w.jpg DSC02423_DxO_800w.jpg DSC02424_DxO_800w.jpg
mwr by Contributor
  • 9 replies
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