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Eos Rebel T1i Display

Good night to all. I am new to the forum although I have had this camera for quite some time. The camera display is very dim although I have adjusted the LED brightness to the maximum level. Did anybody have such a fault? And how was it solved? Thank...

Johnfw by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Chargers and Batteries

Hi AllFor Canon EOS 100DI have 2 Chargers1 says Canon Battery ChargerIn 100 to 240V 50/60HzOut 8.4V 0.54AThe other says:In Same as aboveOut 8.4 v 600mAIs there a Difference and which one would be better or are they even better ones?As for the Batteri...

manfredk by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

EOS RP sale

Much to my own surprise, I just placed my order for the EOS RP. While I had originally intended to buy a higher-speced camera, such as the R6, I could not turn down what I consider to be a fantastic price on the RP, which recently went on sale for $8...

6D MKII a disappointment???

I did order the 6D MKII from B&H - arrives Monday. This is an upgrade from my 6D. I am a little concerned about the recent tests showing, at lower ISO's, poorer dynamic range. Apparently the 6D MKII showed very good dynamic range at higher ISO's. App...

skyking by Contributor
  • 108 replies

canon m50 firmware ver 1.1.0

I believe this firmware was a waste of time.canon should try harder if he wants to stay in the competition. I bought m50 a few weeks ago and I am really disappointed with features that can easily be added to it by an easy firmware update. tbh if cano...

PisUshax by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

70D still overheating, even after repair.

My 70D, which I've had since 2014, recently died during a video shoot; the screen froze, and it wouldn't turn off. I had to take the battery out, which turned it off, but it never came back on, even when trying other batteries. It had the start of th...

Many Flash Questions for Rebel SL3

I'm pretty new to flash photography, so I'm looking into speedlites, triggers and the like but I have so many questions with no articles to answer them. Does anyone know what specific canon speedlites I can use on the SL3? (I'm looking at the 550EX a...

Ches05 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

R5/R6 focus trouble during video

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone have trouble with focusing during video mode using R5/R6. I have an R6 and not much of an video person but tested it out after watching a review by Potato Jet. My R6 did struggles about 25-30% of time, slow to focus ...

Sudden Card Error

I received a sudden card error on my 7D.  I can't read the card on my card reader either.  I thought it was an issue with the card so I purchased another card.  The camera continues to show card error on a brand new card.  I'm afraid to try any of my...

Rauscher by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Couple of questions for R5 owners!

Hi gang, I recently received my R5 and am working out the kinks of moving from my 7Dii. Just had a couple of questions I was hoping the community could help me with!Is it possible for the camera to out resolve the lens that are on it? I’m using a ver...

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