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EOS R3 Controls Stop Responding and Solution


During use, all camera controls stop responding to user inputs. The battery must be removed and reinstalled to continue using the camera. This would happen anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 hours of use with an average of 1 hour.

It appears to be a bug in the GPS software.  If GPS is disabled, which also disables "Auto time setting" and "GPS logger", then the problem does not occur.

I need GPS enabled but disable the other two GPS functions, "Auto time setting" and "GPS logger", because I think they make the problem worse.  With only GPS enabled, the problem occurs less than every 2 hours; I may get 6  hours of use before the controls lockup.

I have used this camera for a year and it has had this problem since new.  It has been sent to Canon Service for this problem twice.  The first service: a loose cable was reseated.  The second service: no problem found.  I was about to send it in a third time when I decided to do a Factory Reset and test each change in settings.

I see that this problem and solution was reported on this forum in Feb-Mar 2022.



Where are you when this issue occurs?  Are you indoors somewhere, or in an area with poor GPS signal reception?  

AFAIK, a similar issue occurs when the camera loses its GPS signal and tries to reacquire the signal.  Since you want GPS data attached to every photo, then camera STOPS until it can reacquire the GPS signal.

I first ran into this issue several years ago with a 6D.  When I am shooting indoors, the GPS location does not vary by much.  Instead of leaving the GPS turned on, I would capture a couple of test shots to capture GPS location data.  [I would turn off GPS for the rest of the shoot.]  After downloading the files to my PC, I copy the GPS data from the test shot to all files.

I know other photographers who sync the clocks in their cameras by connecting to the EOS Utility.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

This happens when I am outdoors with the camera in my hands.  There is always a good view to the sky: short trees and flat land.

I recently disabled "Auto time setting" and the camera keeps good time once set.  I think the camera has a clock backup battery that keeps time for about a month if the main battery is dead or pulled.

I also disabled "GPS logger" which I don't really need.


Can we also confirm the version of your FW is v1.4.1?

There was never anything posted as far as a solution goes, but it might be helpful to know. 

As another test, you can also walk the camera into a location with a clear view of the sky and see if re-acquisition of a GPS signal allows the camera to operate again.  This may not apply in your case, but you didn't say if you were indoors or out.  I've only had 1 body with GPS on board, a 6D2.  That camera would get lock in a matter of seconds when outside.  Inside it might take 30-60 sec, but once it had a signal, it was locked.  I used mode2.  No periodic GPS when the body was switched off.  I wish my R5 C had GPS.  I've used the Canon Connect App to pass GPS to my camera and it works fine, but I still like built in onboard the best.  On my 6D2, a lack of signal never caused the camera not to operate.  I think when I was underground a few times it wouldn't get a signal, but that was understandable.  Tell us more about your shooting conditions.

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If the camera locks up, take a look at the GPS icon.  Check to see “GPS”or “LOG” are blinking’. Under normal conditions that should [not] be blinking when they are enabled, just when there is some sort of a problem.

I think it may make a difference as to whether or not you have GPS Logging enabled.  This feature also records all of the camera movements between shots, not just capturing data when a shot is taken.

If you turn this feature on and make a short road trip, you can see the roads you took to reach your destination once you download the GPS log files.  I normally leave this disabled because it only adds to the battery drain.  

As I noted above, if I am at one general location taking photos, then I take one or two sample photos to capture the the GPS coordinates, and then disable the GPS to save battery power.  

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Good idea to check the GPS icon when it locks up.  

I recently disabled "Auto time setting" and  "GPS logger" and the camera will lockup but not as often.

I leave GPS enabled because I am walking or riding a bicycle.

The lockup bug occurs in all versions of firmware that I have installed on the R3.  Here are the versions I have installed and the date of installation.

Original: 1.1.0

7/26/2022: 1.2.0

8/28/2022: 1.2.1

10/15/2022 1.2.2

11/24/2022 1.3.0

3/31/2023 1.4.0

04/20/23 1.4.1

My solution to the lockup bug was to disable GPS.  However, GPS is one feature I need so it was good to discover that the problem could be reduced by disabling "Auto time setting" and "GPS logger".  Of course my "solution" is just a workaround.  The real solution would be a firmware fix from Canon.

The lockup bug happens when I am outdoors with the camera in my hands.  There is always a good view to the sky: short trees and flat land.


To find out what setting was causing the R3 to lockup, I started with a Factory Reset which is in the menu Reset Camera.

Then I changed the settings in the order listed in the table, testing after each few changes made.

The camera did not lockup until I enabled GPS Mode 2.


Menu LocationDefault SettingMy Setting
Drive modeHigh-speed continuous +High-speed continuous
Img type/size - RAW-CRAW
Cropping/aspect ratioFULL1.6
Color spacesRGBAdobeRGB
Histogram dispBrightness, LargeBrightness, Small
Servo AF CharacteristicsAuto4
Tracking sensitivity0-2
Electronic full-time MFOFFON
Lens electronic MFDisable after One-ShotOne-Shot→enabled
File nameOJ8A1R3_
File name - Change User setting1IMG1R3_
Shooting ModePAV
Focus distance dispin MF mode, mAlways, ft
Subject to detectPeopleAnimals
Eye controlOffOn
CalibrationNoneHorz and Vert
GPSDisableMode 2
Auto time settingDisableAuto update
Log GPS positionDisableEnable