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EOS R5 Viewfinder Review dose not save to Camera setting file!


I appreciate the "Save/Load Settings on Card" feature on R5. It's incredibly convenient when using two cameras.

The "Viewfinder Review" option is initially turned off in the menu, which seems unusual to me. Therefore, I always activate it whenever I reset the Camera or acquire a new R5 (I have had four so far!). Unfortunately, the camera setting file does not save this preference, and I have to manually re-enable it every time I load the file.

I wanted to share a small bug with others, nothing major.

Have a great time shooting!



Why do you consider it to be a bug?  

I do not know where there is a list of settings that get saved, but judging from what I have seen in other camera bodies not each and every camera setting is saved.  I suspect the list of saved settings would be similar to those saved by Custom Shooting Modes.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

My guess is EVF has been recently added to the EOS system but I may be wrong. I've customized the camera extensively, and based on my understanding, all settings, except for "Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connections", are saved in the file, which seems reasonable. However, I am uncertain why the "Viewfinder Review" setting is not being saved.