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6D M2 or EOS-R

If you had to choose between an EOS-R and a 6D Mark II... which would you take and why? I was leaning towards the 6D, but I bought the R. I figured smaller size, mirrorless, seems to be the trend.... but I really miss the controls on the 6D. 

77LTD by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

Purple Screen T3i

Often the LCD on my T3i turns purple and then green and white lines appear and move as I change the shutter speed. The pictures come out black. I have had my camera for two years and have always had this problem no matter which lens I am using. I tak...

Black Line on Photos at high Shutter

Got this new canon5d markiv on amazon and sometimes at high shutter speed it gives a distinct black line in between the photos. is this ok at high shutter speed assuming light not passing through? but should it not darken all the image instead of jus...

athorat by Apprentice
  • 18 replies

Resolved! 7D MkII Naming Files

I'm trying to name my 7D MkII files to 7D2_. But when I check the file name it displays D2_. I'm using User Setting1 and on the File Name screen 7D2_ displays. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Paul

EOS 5D mark III FPS drop

Hey all, I am having an issue with my 5D Mark III. When my batteries get down to 50%, my high-speed burst mode goes from 6FPS down to about 3FPS and will not exceed that until I put new batteries in. It's not like the batteries are dead as the camera...

Camera says it’s busy

I have a dsl D1200 camera and I take photos and then it will say busy, it’s so annoying as it will let me take some then says busy then I can take some again, HELP please x

Juice by Contributor
  • 14 replies

Area selection zones not working

Someone please point out my foolish error.The M-Fn button won't toggle through the different AF Selection modes.Canon 5D Mark IIIManual modeOne ShotI have selected all (or other combinations) of AF area selection modes from AF menu 4 (which means I s...

dsoup by Contributor
  • 22 replies
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