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LOCK Setting for Canon 5div and 6dii - so if they get bumped while working they don't change at all


How can I lock my aperture, shutter speed and ISO when shooting? I want to lock all three because if I'm wearing a dual harness, they often bump or rub. For example in the last wedding, my the ISO got changed while moving around. I want to prevent both my cameras from changing when I'm in those hustled situations where I set it up once, and then go without having to worry about it changing.

thank you!



Welcome to the Canon Forums!

The LOCK feature does not have any additional controls or mean to prevent accidental exposure changes.  Exposure can only be change when the metering system is active.  If the camera is being carried in a dual harness, then the likelihood of the metering system being active is slim to none.

However, I recommend refosteromg your desired settings in a Custom Shooting Mode.  Once you have the settings registered, make sure that Automatic Updates is disabled.  

Why do this?  A Custom Shooting Mode is a “preset” camera configuration.  With Automatic Updates disabled, then any changes that you might make should be reset to registered settings when the metering timer expires,.

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