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English project, q&a questions on EOS M50 Mark II


My name is Desi, I am working on a career project for school. I am coding a website based on my camera, the canon eos m50 mark ii, and part of my project is to communicate to the community. I have a few questions that I was hoping someone could get back to me on about the camera and on their opinion.

Q&A questions- 

Is the canon eos m50 mark ii still worth it in 2024?

What are some weaknesses the eos m50 camera has?

How good is the sound quality when taking a video?

How well do action shot pictures come out?

How well is the camera for vlogging?

What are other alternative camera options that are meant more for photography?

How portable is the camera?

How well is the battery life on the camera?

I am hoping someone can get back to me as soon as they can, thank you!!







We're happy to help, but you should be able to provide good answers to the question about a camera you already own.  Please share your opinions and views and we can add to them if necessary.  

If you have questions regarding software development or SDK, the Canon Developers Forum is a great resource.

Canon Developer Community

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