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Canon M6 Mark 1 - Power-down issue

Hi all,I have a Canon M6 and have noticed an issue when switching it off using the ON/OFF switch.When I switch the camera off the screen remains on but with nothing displayed. I cannot switch the camera on unless I remove the battery or wait about 30...

d_tol by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! R6MII Filename Problem

I have an R6MII, and I changed the filename on the camera to begin with R6M2. It's been this way since I bought the camera in November. I just updated the firmware, and now the camera is naming the files beginning with _6M2 (with a leading underscore...

Canon EOS R successor

Dear Sir,would it be possible to consider the creation of a 30+ megapixel EOS R mirrorless camera to succeed and replace the 30.4 megapixel EOS R.i have tried the EOS R5 several times and considered purchasing it however it has a micro HDMI port inst...

juiH by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Resolved! Trying to go from DLSR to Mirrorless

I am an amateur photography. I do mainly events such as sweet 16s, birthdays, etc and portraits during the holidays. I do not do weddings. I want to purchase a mirrorless to slowly move away from DLSRs. I want full-frame. I was not sure of which mirr...

2012 Canon 5dmii focus issues

I have been the sole owner of the above camera and within the last year it has been experiencing soft photos and has occasional focus issues. mice recently had the camera serviced and purchased a new lens but the problems continue. Is there anyone wh...

Analiese by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! EOS R100 How to install stop motion firmware

I am trying to get an R100 with a stop motion firmware installed on it. I am having trouble figuring out how to do this exactly. I read that I need to buy one first, then send it into a service center, but i'm not sure which service center I need to ...

bill6819 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! How to Photograph Swimming

Hi, I am going to a swim competition so I can take some photos for my team. Does anyone have suggestions for creative/professional swimming photography. I'm a bit of a newbie to sports photography (I do mainly wildlife). Thanks so much, Maggie (Canon...

MaggieM by Contributor
  • 8 replies

R6 Quick control dial stopped working

I’m not sure if it was a fluke after a firmware update but I did one a week or so ago and my quick control dial started to act up.   I use it to scroll through images during quick reviews and it was freezing.  Now today it no longer works at all.  I ...

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