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Canon T2i wireless shutter release

Hi All,I just purchased a Vello Freewave Plus wireless shutter release.  My only issue with it and my T2i is that there is a 10 second delay from when I press the remote shutter release and when the camera fire.  I believe it's something to do with t...

Gerryyy by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

High-speed display in R6

Hello, I am using R6 with my EF 70-200 is ii lens and official adapter. However, High Speed Display is not available with EF lens even with adapter. Is there any way I can work around it beside buying another RF lens? I shoot sports so this feature i...

alvinguo by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! 90D Shutter count

Hi I'm brand new to this and not very Tech Savvy so please excuse my ignorance. I own a Canon 90D and I am finding it impossible to get the shutter count from it? I have tried every online solution, watched every Youtube video, tried every online Shu...

EOS R10 AF Tracking Question

I have a questionI too leave my camera in Servo mode and use BBF, but I have never used AF tracking.If I use tracking, and I take my thumb off the AF/ON button, and I'm in Servo mode, does the camera continue to track and focus on a moving subject?Do...

stevet1 by Mentor
  • 2 replies

EOS R6 HDMI Visualization worse than EOS R

I have an EOS R and I can setup an a Freeworld R6 external monitor to the camera and record using both the LCD Display in the camera and the external monitor. I recently tried the EOS R6 and I'm thinking of getting one as an upgrade for my EOS R but ...

Understanding The Canon R10 Autofocus?

Hello! I recently purchased the Canon R10 with the RF 100-400mm IS USM lens. I bought this camera for plane spotting. The viewfinder autofocus is completely different to the DSLR and it’s a little confusing. There is lots of different tracking etc wh...

MrJackT by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! EOS R Back Button Focus

I use an EOS R. My question is about Back button focus. After selecting a point and with servo focus mode how long will the focus remain on the point selected.? For example, a person on a bike riding towards me. I use BBF on them when they are 50 fee...

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