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Canon 5D Mk IV HDMI Out Not Working


I've purchased a new on-camera monitor for my 5D Mk IV and I'm not able to get it to work. Just says "No Signal". The monitor works on my 70D just fine. I've searched the web for answers but have found none the fix my problem. So far I've tried disabling the Wi-Fi/FNC function and reseting the camera to factory defaults.

Does anyone have any advice?

I should add, I've never used the HDMI out before on this camera, so I guess there's a possibility that there is something wrong with it.


A reason to get a cheaper camera. 8^)

A rebel has the pull out/flippable screen you can use to set the camera where you want and be able to angle the screen to be able to see it.

Canon 5D Mk IV

I'm trying to do the same thing except that I will shooting the sun at eclipses and it's a bit awkward to lay on the ground to see the screen on the back of the camera body.

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